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The party meets Haringay: Zolf's contact in the police force. He asks them to run security at Edison's Mansion, where the inventor is to start an auction for a mysterious item.

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Hamid asks Bertie what is happening, and the party tries to explain to the crowd that they are part of crowd control. Guards arrive and Zolf explains what happened as a large, mutton-chopped man in a police uniform appears: Sargent Richard Haringay, Zolf's contact for their crowd-control contract.

The guards disperse the crowd as Figgis appears from down the alley, but the party realise that he just avoided the combat and Zolf fires him. The dwarf asks Sasha if she wants to take Figgis' place in the mercenary company, which she agrees to and Hamid joins the party as well. 

Hamid asks Sasha what these men wanted and she said that she used to work with them, but recently left that position, although they were not happy with this. Sargeant Haringay notices one of the men is Greggson, going through his pockets he finds a note saying "tell her we'll let her know about Brock". The party and Sargeant Haringay carry the unconscious men into one of the adjoining buildings. Greggson regains consciousness, and, terrified by Bertie, says that they were hired to tell Sasha that Barret said he has information about Brock that Sasha might like to know, saying she should head back to "where it all started", saying that she can get back into lower London if she needs to.

Zolf heals Bertie and Sargeant Haringay goes off to fetch some guards to remove the unconscious men. The party moves off to a nearby building with Sargeant Haringay, through the crowd. Carriages are arriving for an event in a local hall and the party makes sure that the carriages are not impeded. Bertie notices the Deputy Prime Minister in a carriage, Zolf recognizes the Chief of Police in another. Bertie also hears an old acquaintance, Lord Wellington. Bertie shouts out "Wellington!", who responds with "Bertie!" repeatedly, and Chessington also comes out, shouting "Bertie!". Chessington orders Sargent Haringay to allow Bertie and his party (his entourage) entry into the building via Wellington's carriage. 

Inside the building, Bertie recognizes various high profile people, including Dr William Colgate and Byron. He also sees a twin pair of gnomes wearing suits holding briefcases, who nod to Bertie. Bertie is pulled into a group of childhood friends as Hamid starts to work the room. Zolf and Sasha keep an eye out for anything untoward. After Bertie hobnobs, one of the servants steps forward and invites the crowd into the Music Room, which contains a grand piano and rows of chairs, where Hamid and Bertie sit down with the crowd and Zolf and Sasha stand at the back. Lord Edison, inventor of the lightning rail and other technologies, steps onto the stage.