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The party meets their match in the back alleys of Paris: old men and rooftops. Bertie jumps off the building after Sasha and Brutor causing both to be further harmed. Zolf finally catches up and heals Sasha and Brutor. Upon awakening, Brutor runs away from Bertie.


Sasha finds Brutor, and uses tricks she picked up in Other London to keep him stable, although he is still severely hurt. 

The elderly man continues his escape. Hamid hits him with 'Magic Missile', but despite looking in a bad way, the man doesn’t stop. 

Bertie attempts to jump the gap between over where Sasha and Brutor are, and fails. He lands on Sasha and Brutor, knocking Sasha unconscious. She gains a scar on her back in the shape of one of the falcons on his armour. 

A digital monochrome sketch of Zolf lighting Sasha's cigar. Sasha is a human woman with short, dark hair and a burn scar on the right side of her face. She is wearing a jacket and smiling as she holds up a cigar. Zolf is a dwarven man with two long beard plaits; he has a trident strapped to his back and there is a flame above his finger as he lifts it to Sasha's cigar. Above, the text reads "(cast spark)".

Zolf casts Spark on Sasha's cigar. Art by @raspberryhell on tumblr. Used with permission.


Alex: "I’m your host, GM, and dog punisher Alex Newall, and with me today I have:"
James: "James “Dog Murderer” Ross."
Bryn: "Bryn….Monroe. I don’t have a joke!"
Lydia: "Lydia “Frantically trying to sketch out an alternative character” Nicholas."
Ben: "Ben “Two Tiles” Meredith."
―Player introductions.

Alex: "Brutor… is… just… alive."
Ben: "Just so you know, Alex moved his mouth to form a “d” sound."
Bryn: "He’s a monster!"
―The players learn the fate of Brutor.

Alex: "Sir Bertrand MacGuffingham: He deserves to die, but he won’t."
Bryn: "I want that on a t-shirt."
―Discussing Bertie.

Hamid: "Is everyone okay?"
Zolf: "Brutor ran off. I think he’s angry at Bertie."
Hamid: "Oh dear."
Zolf: "What happened?"
Hamid: "He threw him."
Zolf: "Well, I don’t blame Brutor, then."
Hamid tells Zolf what happened in the roof chase.

Sasha: "I mean, I didn’t think he had any feelings in him. But I mean, maybe he’s sorry and he can’t tell me."
Zolf: "He only cares about the dog. The dog is angry at him, so he’s sad."
Sasha: "The dog is angry at him?"
Zolf: "Well, apparently he threw him off a roof."
Hamid: "He was trying to throw him across the gap and he didn’t get far enough."
Sasha: "All right, I’m with the dog then."
Sasha learns about what Bertie did to Brutor.

Dice rolls and Mechanics[]

Zolf casts channel positive energy on everyone within range, heals 12 damage.

Zolf casts cure moderate wounds on Sasha and heals her for 15 damage.

Zolf makes a perception check to see the scar on Sasha's back: the roll isn't said but he failed

Everyone makes a perception check to search the room: Zolf gets 16, Hamid gets 25, Sasha gets 16

Sasha makes a disable device check on the lockbox: 19

Sasha makes a disable device check on the safe: 17

Daring Chase breakdown[]

Initiative order (rolls are not said): Bertie, Sasha, Hamid, Zolf

Sasha gets out from under the detritus with a roll of 16. She rolls a heal check on the dog and gets a 20, noticing that Brutor is just alive. She starts trying to stem the bleeding.

The elderly man turns, takes a running leap, and and climbs up the next building.

Hamid casts Magic Missile on the elderly man, dealing 8 damage.

Zolf continues moving forward having heard sounds of destruction.

Bertie backs up and takes a running leap off the edge of the building, but fails on an acrobatics check of 3. He then fails a reflex save of 6 as he slams into a building, taking 1 damage, and crashes to the ground below, taking 9 damage.

Sasha makes a reflex save as Bertie falls, fails it with a roll of 6, and takes 15 damage as Bertie lands on her, falling unconscious.

Hamid, sobbing, calls for Zolf to come help, and then runs over to the door on the roof and casts acid splash on the lock.

Zolf continues moving forward, and then notices the entire mess with a perception roll of 15.

Bertie stands up and notices Brutor laying there; he turns and tells Zolf to fix it. Bertie stabilizes Brutor with a roll of 12.

Sasha makes a constitution check and gets a nat 20, stabilizing herself.

Plot Notes[]