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Hamid turns off Mr Ceiling, who reacts by trying to kill the party with a huge creature made of destroyed machinery.


Hamid, having pushed the big red button, begins to turn everything off that he can. There is a sudden quiet, and Zolf channels 'Positive Energy' in the control room.

Suddenly, a huge creature made of destroyed and broken machinery bursts out from the control panel and attacks the party. A number of components thrust forward and form an arm; it continues to pull itself out from the rest of the machinery, components all rearranging themselves until he can stand.

A drawing of Mr. Ceiling, a huge creature made of destroyed and broken machinery. One arm is touching the ground in front of it. The other arm is by its side. Three TV monitors sit in its middle, the one in front has text that reads: nobody can know. There's pink wires running throughout the creature. There's hot pink text to the side that reads: We can still sit down and talk.

Mr. Ceiling, transformed. Art by @sphor-art on tumblr. Used with permission.

It's not something that Mr. Ceiling was programmed to do, and is more retrofitting himself on the fly with enormous amounts of power. It is a mechanically large monster; arms come out from shoulders and stretch almost to the ground. There's no face, just arms, legs, and a bulbous mass in the middle which ichor and other liquids drip from. There are a few things that used to be screens, which are now displaying a random collection of numbers, colors, and lines.The party engage. As Sasha stabs it and jams bombs inside it, Hamid casts 'Magic Missile' and Zolf supports Bertie, who eventually downs the monster.

Zolf thinks he sees someone outside in the corridor and Sasha drags him outside. Hamid and Bertie start to destroy all the control panels they can get their hands on. 


Dice rolls and Mechanics[]

Everyone makes a will save: Zolf gets 11, Sasha gets 9, Bertie gets 19, Hamid gets 6

Combat Breakdown[]

Initiative order: Zolf (15), Bertie (13), Sasha (12), Hamid (8)

Standard actions: Zolf Channels Positive Energy, destroying random components and dealing 8 damage. Hamid continues turning things off.

Everyone makes a perception check: Zolf gets 21, Bertie gets 9, Hamid gets 15, Sasha gets 16. They notice about half of the components have been destroyed.

Zolf calls for everyone to come over and hold onto him and then holds his action.

Bertie draws his sword and approaches Zolf.

Sasha steps up to Zolf.

The machine that Hamid stood on explodes, and a huge creature made of various components crawls out.

Hamid withdraws, hiding behind Bertie and Zolf.

Zolf casts 'Hide from Undead', only affecting the three of them, and whispers that it can't see them anymore before telling them to get out. He then, visible, wheels in front of the creature.

Bertie charges the creature, breaking Zolf's spell, and power attacks the monster with pomp and pageantry. He rolls a 20 to hit and deals 20 damage.

Sasha moves around the monster and sneak attacks, hitting on a 19 and dealing 8 damage as she slices through a fluid filled pipe.

Mr Ceiling asks why Hamid would do that, and then swings at Bertie, missing, and then at Zolf, missing again.

Hamid retreats and casts 'Magic Missile', dealing 5 damage.

Zolf converts 'Zone of Truth' into 'Cure Moderate Wounds' and casts it on the creature, dealing as much harm as good (9 damage, but also 9 healing).

Bertie swings for another power attack, but misses on an attack roll of 10.

Sasha sneak attacks twice, hitting on a 19 and 16. She deals 11 and 8 damage, respectively.

The creature attacks Bertie, but misses. It then turns to Sasha and swings at her, missing.

Hamid casts 'Magic Missile', dealing 8 damage.

Zolf casts 'Bull's Strength' on Bertie, giving him a +4 to strength for 3 minutes.

Bertie power attacks the creature, hitting on an attack roll of 17 and dealing 20 damage.

Sasha jams a bomb into the creature, which explodes, hitting on a 12 and dealing 7 damage and 2 splash. The creature stumbles down, but quickly begins to reorganize itself.

The creature swings twice at Sasha, the first blow makes contact doing 7 damage. It misses it's second attack.

Hamid casts 'Magic Missile', dealing 7 damage.

Zolf casts 'Guidance' on Bertie, giving him +1 to his next roll. He wheels to the side.

Bertie power attacks the creature again, and hits on an 18. He deals 18 damage, swiping off its legs, and the torso collapses onto the floor.

Everyone makes a perception check: Hamid gets 20, Bertie gets 17, Sasha gets 15, Zolf crit fails

Sasha grabs Zolf's wheelchair and starts to leave.

Hamid casts 'Acid Splash' on one of the parts of the less destroyed control panels.

Zolf casts 'Guidance' on Sasha.

Bertie smashes another control panel.

Sasha gets out into the corridor, where everything is in chaos: things are exploding and the brain-columns are exploding and cracking.

Plot Notes[]