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The party fights a snow leopard, twice, and run away from a big mysterious monster on their quest to find Hannibal's Tomb.


Ed successfully forces the snow leopard up a tree and Tjelvar hitting it with an arrow. Bertie swings at it in the tree but Ed heals the leopard before it leaves thus saving it from death.

Tjelvar, however, can still see the leopard so Bertie attempts to chop down the tree and scares the Leopard off further. 

They walk a couple hundred yards before the same snow leopard pounces on Ed from the trees. Tjelvar misses again and the leopard mauls Ed a bit before he can get up and draw his Morningstar. Bertie charges the leopard but misses. Tjelvar hits the leopard with an arrow and Ed hits the leopard with his morningstar. Bertie then deals a fatal blow.

Ed prays over the beast, but Bertie cuts it's head off to take as a trophies. When Ed protests, Bertie sticks his hand into the head like a disgusting meaty puppet and condescendingly assures Ed it's fine. Ed is upset by this.

A digital drawing of Ed and a snow leopard. Ed, a white human male, is standing and wearing gold and red full plate armor. He has blue chainmail on underneath it. He is holding a brown and gold morningstar. He is facing the snow leopard and looking down at it with a frown on his face. The snow leopard is facing him with its ears turned back. It is white with black spots.

Ed fighting the snow leopard. Art by @skraak on tumblr. Used with permisison.

Ed stomps off in the wrong direction but Tjelvar convinces him to come back with the promise that Bertie will apologize. 

Bertie leaves the head there to collect on the way home. 

The party continues on a thousand yards east then 500 yards across a slope to reach the ridge. They turn around and try again to go North along the line of the mountain and then 100 yards west. They wander a bit more until finding the ravine where they spot large tracks. 

Bertie, convinced it is a bird, starts making noises to attract the animal to the other's protest. At one point, Ed leans in to say that "[Bertie]'s not the sharpest, is he?" to Tjelvar.

In the distance, a large creature roars and the party runs for safety. They make it to the end of the ravine and run up the slope through to a pass on the left side. 

Ed is flagging and leaving a trail of blood behind him but manages to keep up with the party until they reach the pass and the map runs out as darkness starts to set in. 

Bertie attempts to use the symbol of Artemis. He bought to charm Artemis? 

She does not answer, because why would she. 

Tjelvar then tries to convince Eddie to pray to Apollo for guidance. Eddie does and after a long, simple, heartfelt prayer he only feels sleepy. 

A side profile digital image of Ed. Ed, a white human male, is knelt down in and in the praying position. He is wearing golden full plate armor with a red cape. His hands are held up towards his head and he is leaning into them. His eyes are closed and there’s a redness high on his cheeks

Ed prays. Art by @coralreefskim on tumblr. Used with permission.

The party makes camp, noticing how tired Eddie is. Tjelvar hands Eddie a potion but Eddie can't take it and instead heals himself. Tjelvar creates a fire with his adventurer's toolkit.  

Eddie finds himself feeling very awake early in the morning and decides to go for his morning prayer. As he prays, he suddenly feels warm for the first time in days. The others wake up to find Eddie away from camp but when questioned he says it was the "right place to be for morning prayer" and Tjelvar digs into the snow to find flagstone.


Alex: "I’m encased in a glowing light that shimmers across my whole body, briefly making me look even more dazzling and amazing."
Bertie: "That’s really hot but a massive nuisance!"
―Ed heals the snow leopard attacking them.

"So, Artemis, Artie, if I may call you, A, we’re on first initial terms. Now, bit of a favor to ask, you know I’m not much of a one for the ladies, but uh, I thought, you know, between the two of us, because we’re both pretty great, you know, we’ve got that in common, so maybe you could help me fulfill my destiny. I mean, I’ve not really bothered to do that much before, wisdom, not really my thing either. But, you know, go on then."
Bertie attempts to charm Artemis

Dice rolls and Mechanics[]

Bertie and Tjelvar make a perception check to spot the snow leopard: Bertie gets 10, Tjelvar gets 25

Everyone makes a perception check: Bertie gets 8, Tjelvar gets 16, Ed gets 12

Tjelvar makes a diplomacy check on Ed: 25

Everyone makes a fort save: Bertie gets 17, Tjelvar gets 11, Ed gets 24. Tjelvar takes 2 points of nonlethal damage.

Bertie and Tjelvar made a survival check to identify tracks in the snow: Bertie gets a nat 1, Tjelvar gets 10

Everyone makes a perception check: Bertie gets 5, Tjelvar gets 17, Ed gets 11

Tjelvar makes a survival check to see where they are: 22

Everyone makes a fort save: Bertie gets 13, Tjelvar gets 26, Ed gets 29. Bertie takes 1 point of nonlethal damage.

Bertie makes a diplomacy roll with Pomp and Pageantry to charm Artemis: 8

Everyone makes a fort save: Bertie gets 20, Tjelvar gets 22, Ed gets 30

Everyone makes a second fort save: Bertie gets 16, Tjelvar gets 22, Ed gets 31. Bertie takes 4 nonlethal damage.

Ed makes a knowledge religion check: 18

Tjelvar makes a survival check: 12

Ed lays hands on himself: Heals 6 damage

Tjelvar makes a survival check to set up camp: 11

Everyone makes three fort saves against the cold overnight: Bertie gets 24, 22, 16; Tjelvar gets 24, 11, 26; Ed gets nat 20, 25, 27. Tjelvar takes 2 nonlethal damage. 

Combat Breakdown[]

Initiative: Snow Leopard, Tjelvar (13), Bertie (12), Ed (10)

Round 1

Tjelvar: Fires at the leopard, misses with a 10. Takes a 5-foot-step back.

Bertie: Attacks the side of the leopard, hitting with a 20 and dealing 5 damage. 

Ed: 5-foot-steps up to the leopard. Tries to attack it nonlethally and misses with a 9.

Round 2

Snow leopard: Leaps back and tries to climb a tree. Rolls poorly and only gets 8 feet up.

Tjelvar: Shoots at the leopard again, hitting with a 24 and dealing 4 damage.

Bertie: Charges the snow leopard and hits on a 21, dealing 8 damage. It yelps.

Ed: Sheathes his weapon and tries to convince them to leave. Uses Word of Healing to lay on hands on the snow leopard from a distance, healing it for 11 damage.

Round 3

Snow leopard: Escapes into the trees.

[gap between the snow leopard fleeing and returning]

Snow leopard: Ambushes Ed, dealing 9 damage.

Initiative: Snow leopard, Tjelvar (18), Ed (12), Bertie (12)

Round 1

Snow leopard: Makes a full attack against Ed, dealing 5 damage. 

Tjelvar: Attacks it, missing on a 13.

Ed: Stands up and triggers an attack of opportunity, taking 7 damage. He draws his morningstar and takes a 5-foot-step away.

Bertie: Charges the leopard, missing on a 12. 

Round 2

Snow leopard: Attacks Bertie, missing with all its attacks. 

Tjelvar: Shoots it again, hitting on a 20 and dealing 8 damage. 

Ed: Nonlethally attacks the snow leopard, hitting on a 20 and dealing 13 damage. 

Bertie: Attacks it, hitting on an 11, and deals 14 damage. The leopard dies.

Plot Notes[]