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Plot Summary[]

Join Alex, James, Bryn, Ben, Lydia, and special guest Alice Bell as they celebrate New Year 2517 in a Corporation one shot special! The characters work for Eurasian Incorporated Black Ops Division, and they have been tasked with stealing a nanochip containing valuable information from their own company before it can be sold to the Western Federation. Oh, and murdering everyone in the vicinity.

Character Summary[]

Quiet Simon[]

A failed mime in Eurasian Incorporated's Black Ops division

Mister Doctor Medic[]

An antiseptic, white coat-wearing cyborg 'doctor' in Eurasian Incorporated's Black Ops division


Indeterminate nationality and surname, Hugo wears shades and greased hair, and is a member of Eurasian Incorporated's Black Ops division.

Henrietta Crunch[]

Henrietta is a one-woman party with electro-cosmetics built into her which dance to a beat only she can hear, and is a member of Eurasian Incorporated's Black Ops division.

Ivanka Rosnitov[]

A young Bosnovikovian noble, Ivanka has tasteless clothes and a "Liberty Black Body Space" in her chest in which she can store small items.


Episode 1[]

In the year 2517, six corporations have taken all the power and the governments have joined together into United International Government (UIG). The crew works for the Eurasian Incorporated's Black Ops division.

The story opens on the group entering their handler's office, on New Years Eve. Henrietta enters first, followed by Hugo. Quiet Simon mimes a door opening and fools the characters in the room for a moment. Quiet Simon mimes finger guns and Hugo finger-shoots back but Simon catches the bullets, puts them in his pocket, blows a kiss, and mimes "I love you" to Hugo, who smiles. Mister Doctor Medic then joins them and upon entering the room produces a washcloth and begins to wash his hands with some alcohol; he follows this by washing the cloth itself. He then sits daintily down with what he thinks is a winning smile (it's not). Ivanka follows last through the door and takes her seat, extremely straight with a book still on her head, without making direct eye contact with anyone.. [Bryn announces he will be doing "a different accent for every scene, all of them equally terrible". He's not wrong about their quality.] Quiet Simon then mimics her movements perfectly as he sits down as well. Mister Doctor Medic asks if they are there for a reason and immediately a door at the back of the room opens, letting their handler in. He is "very, very, very large" and dressed in a "very, very, very expensive suit." His name is unknown to the group- they only know him as The Handler.

The Group is given a mission to acquire information that Eurasian Incorporated already has. There is information about revolutionary gene sequencing technology stored on a nanochip that the Western Federation has discovered the Eurasian Incorporated has. Eurasian Incorporated is being forced to sell the information to the Western Federation to avoid an out right war, and the team is tasked with stealing it from their own company before it can be sold. The deal between the Western Federation and Eurasian Incorporated is being held at Ambassador Clara Nilsdottir's New Years Eve party in Northern Sweden; the team must retrieve the chip before it can be sold. To prevent information leaks, they must retrieve the chip and then kill everyone present, including the ambassador and any other Eurasian Incorporated agents present.

Mr. Doctor Medic suggests hacking a satellite and crashing it into the event to prevent the Western Federation from acquiring the information but The Handler tells them they need to keep the information as well to send to Gemini Bioware. To further complicate matters, they need to cover up that they have killed everyone to prevent the Western Federation from getting suspicious. Halfway through the night, the party will be attacked by the Cult of Machina, a group that loves robotics, cybernetics, and AI so much that they attempt to turn themselves into robots. Also, they are "horribly murderous and kidnap people and put robot bits in them." The party must be out by the time the Cult arrives. The group will be entering the party as guests and so will need to find their kits and the chip after entrance. Their extra equipment will be smuggled in as a supply drop. Each character will enter the party with only their reinforced clothing, combat knife, and pistols. Ivanka has a Liberty Black Body Space as in which she stores an explosive charge.

The handler shows them a map of the compound. The equipment is in the storeroom. There is a security terminal that controls all the security of the area at the opposite end of the building to said storeroom. There is also a forcefield and a number of artificially-grown trees surrounding it, as the Ambassador likes to keep greenery around. There are also 15 towers of Ferrero Rocher, one of which hides the chip they are retrieving. Hugo has a detector that will vibrate more violently the closer he is to the chip. Ivanka ascertains that there are around a few hundred people to murder. The handler, played by Ben, then presses a button and an advert pops up on a hologram for the group to watch: the podcast then goes to a break, with a baked-in ad narrated by Ben. [Bryn's accent is Russian? in this scene.]


The hologram finishes, and Hugo takes the blueprint and leads the group out of the room. They are sent a tweet telling them exactly where the plane is, as Twitter now runs all telecommunications in the world. They stroll up to the airport on the 486th floor of the Evening Spire, the 1000-storey city in which the highest echelon of society lives.They begin planning in the plane, sending Mr. Doctor Medic in to take the security terminal first so that they do not have to navigate the houses defence system. Ivanka and Henrietta are to take out the shield generator to enable the diversionary attack by the Cult of Machina. Simon will go get the equipment to hand out to everyone. They agree to meet at an out of the way storeroom before commencing their assault and sort through the Ferrero Rocher after everyone is dead. The idea of turning off the shields, letting the Machina's in to kill everyone while the team is holed up, then turning the security back on to kill the Machina's is thrown out. They can then turn the security off and sort through the Ferrero Rocher to find the chip. Ivanka suggests there is "something to be said for getting the Ferrero Rocher first because you can just pretend you want a chocolate." Hugo, who has a detector, decides he can do a circuit of the main room to find the chip and make sure they can get it. Mr. Doctor Medic then throws out the idea of having a few people in the main hall while the other's do their assignments. They decide that Ivanka can store an explosive charge in her Body Space and use that to remotely destroy the shield generator. Quiet Simon can use stealth to get through the kitchen to retrieve the equipment. Mr. Doctor Medic will head through the library to try and get through security. [In this scene Bryn's accent is apparently Irish].

Over the intercom, the pilot tells them they're around five minutes from their destination, so it's time to get ready to leave. The group decides to parachute from the plane to really arrive in style. The mansion can be seen through the light snow, and the group lands on the 'personal pad' next to the helipad on the mansion's roof. [The team all have tiny mics and receivers embedded in their molars and can communicate securely with each other subvocally.] Hugo has muted Mister Doctor Medic's channel. The parachutes suck automatically back into their backpacks. The group is dressed definitely appropriately for a posh party: Henrietta is in a light-up suit (with circuit diagrams on it), Ivanka is in purple and orange faux furs (still with the book fascinator, title 'The Great Gatsby'), Mister Doctor Medic is in an appropriate suit and Hugo is in a tuxedo, but he has swapped his sunglasses for glasses with the year on them. Quiet Simon is in a little black dress, and his Stealth Skin makes him effectively invisible.

There are cameras on the personal pad watching them arrive; most of the party enters through the main entrance, but Quiet Simon successfully slinks off in his slinky dress towards the garage by miming a pillar. At the main entrance, the rest of the group is met by a butler in a fantastic wig that looks like two curved pieces of metal. He asks for the party's invitations, and escorts them into the building. Henrietta gives her suit to the butler, revealing more lights. The party enters the lobby and can see the Grand Hall through some double doors. It's very fancy and gilded, and drones are whizzing round with canapes. Everyone's dancing and a DJ is playing classical music (dubstep). There are eight piles of Ferrero Rocher. Mister Doctor Medic goes immediately, and nonchalantly, to the library. Hugo starts to circle the room, mingling, and scanning towers of chocolates. He is very good at mingling and doesn't arouse suspicion. Henrietta is dancing, her flashing lights drawing attention from onlookers while Hugo slips between the pilers of Ferrero Rocher unnoticed. She then suggests going to the drawing room, but Hugo has noticed that the detector is vibrating a little more strongly in the direction of the kitchen, garage and storeroom. Ivanka also circles the room, but slips out the back, accidentally giving someone a rude look on the way. She finds herself in a staff service hall.

Quiet Simon slips into the garage by going in at the same time as a hover car and hides himself behind a pile of tyres, despite no vehicles using tyres. He also notices a rack of hover snowmobiles. He moves on to a deserted area near a loading bay, and deduces that he must be near the storeroom. He sidles to the storeroom door, and imagines a romantic subplot between an imaginary door and the storeroom door, in which the storeroom door is opened as a romantic gesture. Inside the storeroom, he sees a pile of Ferrero Rocher and a large, suspicious-looking attache case. It's the size of a small lorry, which would likely hold about five agents' worth of equipment. [Ben adds that in 2300, the concept of 'attache cases' was bought out by the lorry industry, and now every box that could contain something an attache case.] Quiet Simon moves a single white-gloved finger across the surface of the attache case, finding two catches. He flicks them up, and the lid lifts with a hiss. He finds: 5 suits of armour, A Lot of grenades, a very large machine gun, and his beloved chainsaw.

Episode 2[]

Henrietta tells Hugo to go through to the kitchen, but is too loud, and tries to deflect suspicion by saying she's looking for the bathrooms. At that, a waiter tells her the bathrooms are 'over there' and points her in the opposite direction towards the library. She tried to bluff her way out, asking if there are any staff toilets she can use instead, for a little peace and quiet. The waiter points her through the kitchen, telling her to keep away from the Ferrero Rocher. Once Henrietta has left, Hugo deliberately clumsily knocks over Ferrero Rocher tower no. 8, tripping on a chair and falling whilst gesticulating wildly at a conversation. He apologises profusely and insists on going to the kitchen to fetch another tower of chocolates. [In this scene, Bryn speaks in an over-the-top Posh English accent.] In the meantime, Henrietta has made it to the toilets and instead of going in, sneaks past to the attache case. Quiet Simon waves at her. Ivanka, in the service corridor, moves down the corridor of suspicious chest-high walls, around towards the shield generator. On the way, she's just about to walk into a guard, but he's looking behind himself then leaves. She can also see two more guards patrolling further down the corridor.

Mister Doctor Medic is in the library, a little earlier. He heads through to the toilets, then walks confidently towards security and the guest rooms. The corridors are deserted, but the door is locked. Quiet Simon and Henrietta, meanwhile are putting on their armour. Hugo in the kitchen is very close to the nanochip- his detector is vibrating. The kitchen is full of waiters, however, so he decides to deliberately spill a tray of glasses of gazpacho all over himself. Glass shatters, soup splatters into his face, and trillionaire shortbread sticks to him. He apologises loudly and profusely, still smashing things, and leaves to the storeroom, meeting up with Henrietta and Quiet Simon. [Bryn briefly switches to Spanish, and Ben aggressively changes scene.]

Ivanka throws a knife at each guard (she has five). The first knife lands in the guard's throat and he sinks to the ground, gurgling. His compatriot turns around, gasps, and starts fumbling for her gun. The knife buries itself in her lower ribcage and she screams. She grabs her gun and shoots at Ivanka, but misses. However, the gun isn't silenced so someone may have heard. Ivanka throws her third knife and fluffs the throw- but the handle hits the guard's head with enough force that she dies, the knife making a satisfying thunk. Ivanka vows not to tell the others how incompetent she was.

Mister Doctor Medic begins loudly knocking on the security office door. Someone opens the door and asks what he wants- he's not supposed to be here. He lies that he found a very suspicious-looking beeping attache case in the toilet. The guard believes him and he and his colleague run out. Mister doctor Medic steps in, closes the door behind him, and locks it. Mister Doctor Medic subvocally asks the others to collect his combat gear for him, and tells them that he's about to jack into the security system.

Ivanka also asks for some help, and they all decide to go and help her instead, because Mister Doctor Medic annoys them too much. Hugo reminds them that the Ferrero Rocher are in the kitchen, and that he will be going to the kitchen. [In this scene, Bryn speaks with a cartoon German accent.] He suggests one of the others goes to help Ivanka, and that the third helps Doctor Medic. They hear through subvocals: 'That's Mister Doctor Medic'. Quiet Simon takes the detector and heads to the kitchen. Hugo takes Doctor Medi- no, wait, Mister Doctor Medic's equipment, heads to the garage and grabs a hover snowmobile. Henrietta grabs Ivanka's kit and heads through the kitchen to find her. She accidentally knocks over some gazpacho in the process. She throws Ivanka's equipment to her, holds her arms up, expecting the armour to snap onto her- unfortunately it just hits her in the face and she falls backwards, grenades scattering everywhere. It's very embarrassing. Mister Doctor Medic asks her if she's OK on the comms, because her gaffe looked really bad. The two women head down the corridor. Through the wall, they hear: Bing bong... "There will now be a promotional message for the sponsors of this party". [The ad breaks have a baked-in ad narrated by Ben]


The advert screen slides back into the ceiling and the party continues. Quiet Simon, in the kitchen, is around 2.5 m away from the nanochip. There's one pile of Ferrero Rocher to his right and two to his left. He acrobatically and invisibly rolls through the air, scanning for the chip as he goes. Nobody notices, because they're too distracted by flying gazpacho and Henriettas' giant gun. His dress is over his armour but rolled up over his hips a bit, sort of like a tutu. The detector vibrates the most at pile 9. Quiet Simon mimes a mole burrowing into the pile of Ferrero Rocher, throwing chocolates around. Nobody notices due to the chaos and his partial invisibility.

Hugo loads Doctor Medi- no, Mister Doctor Medic's gear onto a hover snowmobile and heads out of the garage doors. He drives around to the front of the building to where the security wing is. The butler sees him and tries to radio security, but Hugo shoots him. He goes down with a horrible hole in his stomach. Hugo shoots again and he dies. Hugo asks Mister Doctor Medic to open a window. [Bryn is using a cockney accent.] Mister Doctor Medic isn't enthused, but wipes down the window before opening it. Hugo passes him his stuff. Mister Doctor Medic hasn't hacked anything yet, because he's just been wiping down the area and passing snide comments so far. He successfully hacks into the security system, and sets about causing trouble. He subvocally asks how the group feels about him locking the house down, and they say they don't mind but that he will need to open doors for them. He takes control of the canape drones and makes them attack the guests and changes the music to Ride of the Valkyries. He also makes it so doors remain open until someone needs to go through, then they close in their face.

Ivanka and Henrietta are in the shield generator room. Ivanka drops an explosive charge optimally by the shield generator's core to go off later. They then move through the private living areas with the intent to kill everyone. Henrietta splatters a bodyguard with her machine gun and Mister Doctor Medic brings up a scoreboard in the main dance hall that says: Henrietta: 1. Kill! The people in the dance hall are very confused. Quiet Simon, meanwhile, has found a silver Ferrero Rocher and his detector is going wild. He then has a special mime moment with the chocolate.

Hugo bursts through the front door on his hover snowmobile, horribly maiming 14 people.. The scoreboard updates: New Challenger Enters! Hugo looks around the panicking crowd, and notices six people that have not started panicking and that have started to draw weapons. It looks like four agents from the Western Federation and two from Eurasian Incorporated. [Bryn's accent is...French?] Ivanka and Henrietta head to the master bedroom and Ivanka detonates the explosive charge. Prple plasma (the shiled) explodes, and part of the building collapses. They can hear the roar of engines form outside. In the master bedroom is a large safe; Henrietta machine guns it. she blows the lock off and finds a pair of very expensive cybernetic arms and some very expensive cybernetic legs. She goes off to find more people.

Ivanka runs to the main hall, shouting 'Grenades for all my friends!'. Quiet Simon swills the Ferrero Rocher around his mouth to signal subvocally that he's found the nanochip, then sets to killing all the kitchen staff (around 50) with his chainsaw. Mister Doctor Medic notices a load of war bikes from the external cameras with a lot of heavily armed cyborgs. He tells the others he'll channel them into the main hall, then makes a sarcastic announcement over the man speakers about advanced technology, then locks down the entire house apart from the front door. Four bikes smash into the main hall, and the figures on them all have things that look like giant drills or piledrivers instead of right arms.

Episode 3[]

Outside are around fifteen other members of the Cult of Machina, who look like they're subservient to the others and are moving around, setting up a siege. Mister Doctor Medic sets the automated defences to attack everyone outside the mansion apart from his friends. The Cult of Machina servants are hit with bullets and take cover from behind their own defences. Inside the Grand Hall, two turrets descend from the ceiling and start shooting at the crowd. The DJ is split in half. At this point around a quarter of the crowd is dead. The more competent crowd members, i.e. the six operatives, have taken cover (one has been shot in the leg). Unfortunately, whilst Mister Doctor Medic told the security system to attack everyone except his friends, he forgot to tell it not to attack him. The turret in the security room shoots at him. It disables his shield but he is unharmed- he then disables the turret.

Quiet Simon is in the kitchen, having murdered around everyone in the kitchen- around 50 people- with his chainsaw. Gazpacho is everywhere. He heads to the Grand Hall. It's very chaotic- Hugo is scooting around, Cult of Machina members are causing trouble, there are bodies everywhere, and two combatants have taken cover behind the dining table. Two more are behind another table on the far side of the room, and the last two are behind the stage. Mister doctor Medic has made the disco ball point a spotlight at them. The soundtrack has changed to Danse Macabre. Quiet Simon sneaks up behind the nearest combatant (Western Federation, hence the cowboy hat) and stabs them in the throat. The agent has a blood-clotting agent in their blood, but the wound is just too horrible and they die. Quiet Simon has now been noticed by the other combatant.

Henrietta is checking the ensuite to find people, doesn't find anyone, but does have a wee. She strolls out, strolls over the enormous crater left by the bomb, and sets up her gun tripod in order to machine-gun the room. One of the EI agent shoots one of the Cult of Machina people, and another takes a shot at Hugo, damaging his shield. Ivanka has also come through the hole in the wall and throws a frag grenade at some combatants, who haven't yet managed to get their shields up. Both of the Western Federation agents turn on Henrietta and Ivanka. Henrietta is hit by a plasma SMG, and her shield is disabled. The music has changed to 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' by Grieg. Ivanka is hit by a normal SMG and her shield also goes down.

The second Western Federation agent near Quiet Simon turns around and draws her combat knife, which is crackling with plasma. However, he easily parries it with his own knife. Hugo restarts his hover snowmobile and shoots back at the agent that shot him, injuring him severely.

Carla, the ambassador, stands up from her cover, crying 'Wait! Wait! We need to hear a message from our sponsors!' BREAK

As soon as the advert, delivered in the form of a dance number by the cult of Machina, has finished, Carla faints.

Mister Doctor Medic hacks the five hover snowmobiles, then offers snowmobiles to his friends. He drives all five snowmobiles into the Grand Hall, hitting as many people as possible, as he delivers them to his friends. Two of the Cult of Machina members are hit and go down. The snowmobiles careen into the crowd and kill and horribly maim lots and lots of panicking noncombatants.

Quiet Simon attacks the Western Federation agent he's in combat with with the knife he's holding but misses. He then gets out his chainsaw and attacks her with that, absolutely butchering her, bisecting her. Henrietta puts her machine gun on her tripod and mows through the crowd, aiming specifically for the Cult of Machina. The first one is injured (their blood looks a bit like engine oil), and the second one absorbs the bullets with their shield. The music has changed to Mars, by Holst. A Cult of Machina agent destroys an EI agent with a circular saw in their forearm. The second one aims at Hugo with an impact hammer, destroying his armour. The second EI agent whips out and acid-etched longsword and attacks the Cult of Machina members, injuring the second one.

Ivanka throws a plasma grenade into the middle of the room, melting the EI agent and one of the Cult of Machina; they melt into a sludgy, metallic pile. Her second grenade melts two Western Federation agents. Hugo is being attacked by a member of the Cult of Machina; he shoots him in the neck, then rolls over his prone body with the snowmobile, nearly killing him. Mister Doctor Medic locks the house down apart from the front door, and opens all of the ovens on full plasma, overloads the boiler, and overwhelms the electrics. Ivanka has also left a pile of explosive charges in the room, and Hugo is driving backwards and forwards over the final Cult of Machina member. Henrietta rears up on her hover snowmobile, and leads the others out on theirs. The music has changed again to the Sorcerer's Apprentice by Dukas. Ivanka is riding side-saddle. Mister Doctor Medic summons the final hover snowmobile and squeezes through the vent to it, then follows his 'friends', locking the door behind him.

Only Mister Doctor Medic looks back, because the other four are cool. The mansion explodes in beautiful green and orange, as the party flies off into the night.


Ivanka: "When you say 'kill everyone', how many people is 'everyone'?"
The Handler: "mm, few hundred? Nothing we can't lose.


Ivanka checks the specifics of the brief with the Handler.

Mister Doctor Medic: "Inviting all guests that haven't been invited: Please, bring your guns and bring your friends!


Cult of Machina: "Rooaarrghh!"
Mister Doctor Medic, after the shield generator is blown up.


Corporation is a stats + skill 2D10 system: Adding your stat to the skill required to do an action gives the target number; rolling two D10's (ten-sided dice) and getting a value under the target number constitutes a success. Players can also spend one Conviction to re-roll; in this one-shot players have four. Spending a Conviction prior to a roll adds 4 to the DC. Ben says he overpowered these characters for this one-shot in order to weight rolls towards success.

Episode 1[]

James rolls Agility (stat: 9): Arts and Culture (skill: 4) for Quiet Simon to fool the other characters into thinking he really opened a door: 11 (DC = 13; success)

Lydia rolls for Henrietta's lights to be a bright glow in the sky: success (no numbers given)

James rolls Agility (9): stealth (11) with a -2 penalty for Quiet Simon to slink off to the garage undetected: 11 (DC = 18; success)

Bryn rolls Presence: Lying and Acting for Hugo to successfully navigate the social situation whilst scanning for chocolates: 10 (DC = 15; success)

Alice rolls Presence: Lying and Acting for Ivanka to successfully circle then slip from the room without arousing suspicion: 9 (DC = 9; success)

Episode 2[]

Lydia rolls Presence (7): Looking Good (7) for Henrietta to convince the waiter to let her use the staff toilet: 13 (DC = 14; success)

Alice rolls Perception: Observation for Ivanka: 18 (DC = ?; fail)

Alice spends one Conviction to re-roll: critical success

Bryn rolls Reflexes: Lying and Acting for Hugo to successfully spill soup down himself without arousing suspicion: 10 (DC = 14; success)

Alice rolls unknown stats for Ivanka to kill the first of the guards. Numbers unknown, but the dice showed doubles and the skill was her 'professional skill', so: critical success. DC = 15; Alice had said prior to realising it was a crit that is 'just' passed the DC, so it's possible she rolled two sevens. Damage = D4 + half strength, doubled due to crit: 12

Alice rolls unknown stats for Ivanka to kill the second of the guards. 16 (DC = 15; fail)

Alice spends her second Conviction to re-roll. 15 (DC = 15; success). Damage = D4 + half strength: 6

The second guard shoots at Ivanka: miss

Alice rolls unknown stats for Ivanka to kill the second of the guards. 16 (DC = 15; fail)

Alice spends her third Conviction to re-roll. 18 (DC = 15; rolled doubles on professional skill, so critical success). Damage = D4 + half strength, doubled due to crit: 12

Alex rolls Presence: Lying and Acting with a +2 bonus for Mister Doctor Medic to convince the security guard of the suspicious case in the toilets. 20 (DC = 11; critical fail)

Alex spends a Conviction to re-roll. 3 (DC = 11)

Alice rolls Agility: Athletics for Ivanka to quickly put on her armour. 20 (critical fail)

James rolls and Agility (9): Stealth (11) check with a -4 penalty for Quiet Simon to stealthily tumble through the air and scan for the nanochip. He also spends a Conviction prior to the roll to give himself a +4 to the roll. 4 (DC 20; success)

Ben rolls a perception check for the kitchen staff to notice Quiet Simon: 20 (fail)

Bryn rolls for Hugo to shoot the butler from the hover snowmobile: 16 (DC = 17; success, excess 1). One piece of armour is removed from the butler prior to damage roll. Damage = 3D6 + excess: 12

Alex rolls Intelligence: Computers and AI for Mister doctor Medic to hack into the security system- this requires three rolls as it's quite secure, and he has a -4 penalty. 11 (success) and two more successes. (DC = 20).

Alice rolls Intelligence:support weapons for Ivanka to place the explosive charge optimally (the max damage it can do is 60). 10 (DC = 15; success)

Lydia rolls Perception: Heavy Weapons with a +4 bonus for Henrietta to machine-gun a bodyguard sitting on a sofa: 12 (DC = 21, Success, 9 excess). 6D10 + excess. -2 to the bodyguard's armour from each bullet: 37 damage.

Ben rolls for how many people are horribly maimed by Hugo's snowmobile: 14

Bryn rolls Perception: Observation to notice suspicious crowd members: 8 (DC = 14; success)

Lydia rolls for Henrietta to blow open the safe. 13 (DC = 21; success, 8 excess) Damage: 1D6, 1D10 = 16.

Alice rolls Perception: Observation for Ivanka to notice the enemy combatants. 20 (critical fail)

Episode 3[]

The group rolls for initiative (D10+reflex): 17 (Mister Doctor Medic), 15 (Quiet Simon), 14 (Henrietta), 11 (Ivanka), 8 (Hugo).

Ben rolls for the turret to hit Mister Doctor Medic: Success. Damage = 30 (the body shield takes all the damage but is now out of action).

James rolls Perception: Observation for Quiet Simon to survey the Grand Hall: 5 (DC = 13; success, excess 8)

James rolls for Quiet Simon to stab one of the combatants. 11 (DC = 19; success).

Ben rolls for the combatant to oppose being stabbed. Their excess is only 4 so Quiet Simon wins.

Ben rolls for the second EI agent shoot at Hugo: 7, 5, 10 (three hits). Damage = 24 to Hugo's shield

Alice rolls for Ivanka to throw a frag grenade at combatants. 12 (DC = 21; success). Damage = 3D6 = 18 damage

Henrietta is hit by a Plasma SMG which does 6D6 damage (30 is absorbed by the shield)

Ivanka is hit by an SMG (Ben rolled an 8 to hit). Damage = 5 to her shield, which is disabled, + 2-armour (armour = 4)- no damage.

Ben rolls for a Western Federation agent to attack Quiet Simon. She is at -8 to hit (Quiet Simon's close-combat score is 8). Fail.

Bryn rolls for Hugo to shoot at a combatant from his hover snowmobile, using combat Drive and mastered weapon: 19 (fail)

Bryn spends one Conviction to reroll: 9 (DC = 17; success, excess = 8) Damage = 4D6 + excess, - armour = 18

Alex rolls Intelligence: Use AI for Mister doctor Medic to hack the hover snowmobiles, using a wireless hack rather than his neural port. 14 (DC = 16; success; doubles on professional skill mean the double 7 = critical success)

James rolls for Quiet Simon to attack the Western Federation agent with a knife using his free action first, with a -5 penalty. 16 (DC = ?; fail) (Scything Stroke gives him a free attack on a second target if the first target is killed- in this case the first target was the first agent?)

James rerolls, spending a Conviction: 18 (Fail)

James takes his main action to attack the agent with his chainsaw, but spends a conviction to add 4 to his DC. 8 (DC = 16; success, excess = 8). Damage = 2D10 + (2 x Strength) + excess = 16 + 14 + 8 = 38

Lydia rolls for Henrietta to mow through the crowd, and particularly hit the Cult of Machina. 10 (DC = 23; success, excess 13). Damage (with -5 penalty due to the Cult's armour) = 14, 1

Ben rolls for a cult of Machina agent to attack an EI agent. Success, 16 damage (the EI agent dies)

Ben rolls for a Cult of Machina agent to attack Hugo: 5 (DC= 16; success, excess = 11). Damage = 16, removing Hugo's armour.

Ben rolls for the second EI agent to attack the Cult of Machina agents with their longsword (rating 2). Misses the first one, hits the second. Damage = 5 (after -5 armour penalty)

Alice rolls for Ivanka to throw a plasma grenade (this ignores armour) into the middle of the room. 6 (DC = 21; success). Damage = 3D6 maximised (as she threw it over a wall? audio was hard to hear) = 18.

Alice rolls for Ivanka to throw her second grenade at two western agents: 13 (DC = 21; success). Damage = 3D6 maximised = 18

Hugo shoots the Cult of Machina member from the hover snowmobile. 6 (DC = 17; success, excess 11). Damage = 3D6 + excess -5 armour penalty = 22 . The member falls prone.

Hugo rolls over the prone member: damage unclear.

Alex rolls Perception: Observation for Mister doctor Medic to find his friends with a -2 penalty because it's dark. 9 (DC = 12; success)