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The Racket family is one of the families that live in Other London. They are a gang, of sorts, and control large parts of the undercity. Sasha once worked for the Rackets, but left after leaving for Upper London to continue her training.

Barret Racket[]

The family is currently lead by Barret Racket, Sasha's uncle. He is a ruthless leader, forcing Sasha to get involved in more and more dangerous crimes for the family. He gave her a ring, which she removed by cutting off her finger. Barret later gave Hamid a copper ring through which he could communicate with The Rangers.

Known Members[]


Sasha Racket previously worked for the Rackets, but before joining The Rangers she severed all ties to the group.


Ashen is involved with the Rackets, although in what capacity is unclear.


Rakefine is Sasha's great uncle, and the man whom Barret sent her to live with.