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Appearance and personality[]

Rainbow is very laid-back and speaks in a (not American) drawl. The dye in her hair has grown out and she carries an enormous suitcase of crystals and other sundries with her wherever she goes. She's a former lifeguard (we don't talk about what happened), and doesn't know what yoga is. In her spare time, Rainbow spends time lying down, playing with her crystals, and trying to learn what yoga is (without actually going to a yoga class).


Laid-back dropout

Aspects: Former Lifeguard, Has a shuffleboarding grandma, Never Travels Light

Troubles: Afraid of Water

Stunt: The staff assume she is a yoga instructor, hired to lead a yoga retreat on Bermuda.

Approaches: Clever (3), Sneaky (2)


Large suitcase full of crystals

Additional Info[]

Rainbow is initially very attracted to Elliot.