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The Ancient Greek Gods exist in this world and as such there are many different cults of Clerics and Paladins devoted to them. As Rome was corrupted and fell in ancient times, the Gods are still called by their Greek names (except for Mars/Ares for some reason). As far as we know they all take on human-type forms despite many races existing in this world.

Each group has a different focus, according to the deity they worship. Followers of each God and Goddess may call to them directly, asking for help. Members of the public can visit their local temples for assistance and many temples act as hospitals; others may also act as police stations. Paladins are trusted implicitly, as it is known that they cannot act against their god without losing their powers.

Following the timeskip, many cults are stepping in to fill in the void left by the Meritocrats, in a return to the Ancient Roman system.

Known Current Cults[]

God Colours Symbols Known named members Known temple locations
Aphrodite Pink Heart (unconfirmed) Azu, Eren Fairhands Cairo, Hiroshima
Apollo White Golden sun Edward Keystone, Friedrich, Dave, Steve Paris
Artemis Green Crescent moon crossed with three arrows Grizzop drik acht Amsterdam, Eva, Elana, Giffis Prague, Damascus
Dionysus Purple Damascus (unconfirmed)
Hades Black Wellington (unconfirmed)
Hephaestus Crossed hammer & chisel Garten Damascus
Mars Red Prague (unconfirmed)
Poseidon Blue Trident (unconfirmed) Zolf Smith (former) Dover

Cult of Zeus[]

Eren Fairhands mentions the Cult of Zeus in episode 86, specifically regarding the possibility of resurrecting Sasha.

Cults in Ancient Rome[]

Cult of Jupiter (Zeus)[]

Blue robes

Cult of Pluto (Hades)[]

Cult of Opis[]

Riz, Sasha's adopted child, is a cleric of Opis.