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Richard Haringay works for the Meritocratic police force in Upper London.

Appearance and personality[]

Haringay is a large man with mutton-chops. He wears a police uniform. He really cares about the city, and given the amount of paper stacked in his office, is overworked. He dislikes the Simulacrum.



Sergeant Richard Haringay is Zolf's contact on the police force. He gives the Zolf's mercenary group the crowd control mission outside Lord Edison's mansion.

Season 1[]

[2 - 8]

In episode 2, Haringay helps with the crowd control, and is introduced to Hamid, Sasha, and Bertie.

Haringay notices one of the men that had followed Sasha is Greggson, and asks Sasha about the Rackets; he goes through his pockets and finds a note that says "tell her we'll let her know about Brock". The party (sans Hamid and Sasha) and Haringay carry the unconscious men into one of the adjoining buildings. Haringay begins to tie them up and Thompson regains consciousness; Sasha stays out of his eyeline. Haringay goes off to fetch some guards to remove the unconscious men. After the party is invited into Wellington's carriage and gain entrance to the auction, Haringay tells Zolf to keep an eye on things inside.

In episode 6, Haringay acts as a focal points for the rescue workers who are dealing with the fire at Edison's house. He also asks the Rangers to go and recover the rest of the Simulacrum from the sewers, in exchange for a reward.

In episode 8, the party returns from the sewers with the Simulcrum's head and a hand (Bertie puts the head on his desk). Haringay isn't happy, and gets out a map of the sewers, agreeing to get some people to trawl it to recover the rest of the Simulacrum. He asks them to investigate the people behind it, in exchange ofr a further reward.

[16 - 17]

In episode 16, the party returns with Guy (Augusta Leigh), telling Haringay that they have dealt with the rest of the arsonists. In episode 17, Haringay gives the party a 9000 gold reward for capturing Augusta, which Lord Byron had put up for finding out who was behind the attack. Haringay stops Zolf from just killing her. When Hamid shows him the notebook, he recognises that the handwriting isn't Edison's.

The next day, Lady Starling is interested in the party finding out about the Simulacrum for the purposes of an arms race, but Haringay asks the party to report to him first, as he doesn't want simulacra of any allegiance in his city and wants to be able to prepare for developments. He has also been promoted to Chief Constable.