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Welcome to the Rusty Quill Gaming Wiki[]

A wiki accompaniment to the amazing Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast. If you would like to hang out and chat with other fans, check out the r/RustyQuill. The RQ official Discord is currently paused so if you want to hang out on fan-run RQ Discord servers, this server has made a directory of invite links and is a great first stop to find other fan servers.

There are very few pages on this wiki that are spoiler free, so proceed with caution if you aren't caught up. Some spoilers are blocked out on desktop, but if you hover over it, you can see the spoiler. This is still an ongoing process.

If you have a favourite episode or character, feel free to add some info or edit what we have. Any help is completely welcome and very much appreciated. Take a look at the Community Corner and Manual of Style for a list of current tasks and basic guidelines.

About Rusty Quill Gaming[]

The Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast is an Actual Play Pathfinder RPG show from UK-based entertainment company, Rusty Quill. GM Alex Newall runs a mixed group of comedians, writers and improvisers through his tabletop campaign, Erasing the Line, using his homebrew version of our world with alternate history galore. The full open-source pathfinder system can be found at d20pfsrd and a guide for new listeners is available here.

Rusty Quill Gaming can be found on Acast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and all major podcast apps. The show releases new episodes weekly on Wednesdays at 4pm UK time.

Transcript Update[]

Rusty Quill is working on producing official transcripts for the show, and should be released in the next few weeks! In the meantime, teawood has decided to retire her unofficial versions. There is more information about the decision and alternative transcript sources here. Some other fan-written transcripts (also unofficial) are available for certain episodes, and the links to these transcripts are in the infoboxes on the appropriate episode pages.

Unofficial Content Warnings[]

Rusty Quill has provided a number of content warnings (CWs) in the episode shownotes of RQG, particularly in the later episodes after employing a sensitivity editor. The earlier episodes, however, lack such a comprehensive CW list. The community has put together an unofficial, ongoing, community-generated content warning list for every episode in the podcast. This list is not exhaustive or complete, so please do not rely on it to identify all triggers an episode may have. All CWs are under spoiler bars.

Recent Wiki Edits[]

For some users, this website no longer shows the recent wiki activity sidebar. Recent edits can instead be viewed here.

Rusty Quill Gaming.