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Saira al-Tahan is Hamid's second-oldest sister and an employee of the Meritocrat Apophis.


Saira is extremely competent and organized. During times of crisis, she calmly holds her family together, despite seeking to break out of the family business. She is loving and caring towards her siblings, but willing to gently and firmly advise them, sending a drunk Saleh to bed and telling Hamid not to make Aziza's funeral about himself.


Saira is a competent business person, able to take over the family business after her father is arrested.

She is a good singer, though not at a professional level like her sister.



Saira tried to get away from the family business and began working for Apophis, a decision that made her significantly happier.

Although Saira knew (and disliked) Hamid's old friend Gideon, she was not aware that Hamid got kicked out of university or what he'd been doing in the months prior to the beginning of the campaign.

Season 3[]

Saira reunites with Hamid when he returns to his Cairo home in episode 87 for Aziza's funeral. She is the only family member who is composed, willing to speak more than a few words to Hamid, and sober.

In a private conversation with Hamid in episode 88, Hamid and Saira update each other on their lives. Saira comforts and hugs Hamid when he's upset about Aziza's death, tells him to breathe when he stutters, and says she's proud of him for trying to save their older sister. She advises him that he shouldn't try to please their father all the time. She's shocked when Hamid shows her and Saleh the cape that reveals his draconic ancestry, but doesn't fully understand what it means. Saira tells Hamid about what she knows of Saleh's recent problems, though she says he won't talk to her about it. She talks about her own life, which was going very well recently until Aziza's death.

In episode 89, Saira sings Aziza's favourite song at her funeral.

After Saleh Sr and Jr have both been arrested, Hamid discovers in episode 94 that Saira is handling the family's affairs from their father's office. She's shocked to learn of Saleh Jr's attempts to break into the tomb, especially because she thought they'd fully mapped the pyramid already. The LOLOMG ask her to arrange a meeting with Apophis, which she's able to do only because Wilde has also asked for this meeting. Hamid's revelations about being descended from Apophis rattle her; she worries that it undermines the basis of the Meritocratic rule, especially given everything else that's happening in the world (the weather, the broken banks, London's riots.)

Saira accompanies the party and Wilde to their meeting with Apophis in episode 95. In episode 96, she offers (on behalf of the al-Tahan banks) to pay the party to explore the tomb under the pyramid, but they decline in episode 101. In this episode, Hamid also informs Saira that their twin younger brothers, Ishaq and Ismail, are sorcerers, and suggests to her to hire a wizard to tutor the twins so they can be taught how to control their magic safely.

In episode 114, Saira uses Sending to tell Hamid that Ishaq was taken and teleported from their home in Cairo. Hamid eventually manages to locate Ishaq in a demiplane, and before going in to retrieve him, write Saira a note to explain what's going on; he passes the note to Einstein, to give to Saira in a month if they don't return before then (which they do not.)

Season 4[]

Saira and most of the al-Tahan family traveled south, inland, to their country home when sandstorms caused Cairo to be nearly inhabitable, after donating their mansion to Marie Curie and the Harlequins, as described in episodes 127 and 152.

According to Ishaq in episode 152, Saira has been extremely busy, and he rarely sees her.

In Episode 192, Ishaq conforms to Hamid that after the fall of Cairo, the al-Tahan family has moved to safety in "the middle of nowhere", and that Ed Keystone is with them.

Other Notes[]

Saira's age was mentioned by Bryn on the discord server.