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Saleh is Hamid's older brother.

Appearance and Personality[]

Saleh is given no specific appearance, but is presumed to look similar to Hamid, but older. At first meeting, he struggles with addiction, both alcohol and gambling. He is often drunk in the presence of the party, and also appears to be very self-recriminatory and defeatist.

Changes to his personality occur in episode 93 and 94, where he becomes less defeatist and drunken, and keen to take responsibility for his past actions.



Saleh had previously had some gambling issues but tried to clean up his act after Saleh Sr went off on him. He managed it for a time but eventually started falling back into old habits, only keeping it more secret this time. He accrued a lot of debt that was eventually bought by Barret Racket, who offered to pay it off if Saleh participated in a bank heist.

Season 1[]

The heist happened a couple of weeks before the party arrived in Cairo. Saleh, along with Howard Carter and a bank guard that had been paid off, were to retrieve an item from the Meritocratic vaults. Saleh's job was to get them into the bank's VIP rooms, through which they then entered the tomb underneath the bank.

The plan was to access the vaults by breaking down a wall but Carter missed a trap as they were traversing the tomb. The trap created supernatural darkness, there was a loud noise, and the bank guard attacked Carter. Saleh suspects she was supposed to kill him and Carter once they had fulfilled their parts. They scuffled with her until a "stone thing" struck her from the darkness, killing her.

Carter and Saleh fled, triggering another trap on the way out. This trap appears to have been a mind-affecting curse that jumbled their memories of the heist and inflicted a massive sense of guilt on them. It also appears to have impaired their mental faculties to some extent.

Saleh believes that he killed the guard woman and receives new instructions from Barret: Hamid will deliver a ring to him and if he follows the orders given through it, Barret will arrange a resurrection for the dead guard. [It is unclear whether this happened pre-episode 11, when Hamid got the ring from Barret, or post-episode 19, when Carter's funding from the British Museum was cut.]

Season 3[]

Saleh continues to go to pieces and is drinking heavily as he awaits Hamid's arrival. When Hamid arrives in episode 87, Saleh is already drunk in the morning. He does not ask Hamid about the ring until Hamid confronts him after their sister’s funeral in episode 89 due to a squizzard tailing him. Hamid refuses to hand the ring over and talks Saleh into confessing his crimes to their father. After hearing that his son has committed a murder in episode 90, Saleh Sr arranges with the bank to take the fall instead in episodes 91 and 92.

After the party brings Howard Carter to the al-Tahan house in episode 93, Hamid realises that both Saleh and Carter are under the effect of a spell as he detects enchantment magic with a necromantic aura around the both of them. The party brings both of them to Eren Fairhands, who is able to lift the enchantment.They both immediately become much more coherent and are able to tell the actual story of what happened during the heist. Having still committed a crime, albeit a lesser one than he thought, Saleh goes to turn himself in to the authorities, along with an unwilling Carter.

When the party leaves Cairo in episode 102, he is being held in custody while awaiting trial.