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Sasha is a human rogue.



Sasha is a socially awkward human rogue from Other London. She had a rough upbringing and struggles to trust people. Sasha also tends to expect the worst, especially if apparently good things are happening. She has never left London and is very curious and excited about the wider world, especially if it involves high things to climb. Sasha is excellent at sitting in shadowy corners, being unobtrusive, and seeing and perceiving things


Sasha is a small, unnaturally pale, wiry woman, with short black hair that spikes up in all directions due to her nervous habit of running her fingers through her hair. Not much to notice about her in a deliberately calculated way. Dark, well cut but unobtrusive clothing, long fitted leather jacket. She is missing a finger - specifically, the ring finger on her left hand, as mentioned in RQG 18 Gussets and Staves. Sasha is easy to overlook, and hard to describe.

Changes in Appearance[]

She has an increasing number of scars, including a burn to her face and a falcon-shaped scar on her back from other party member's poor choices.

Burn scar on her neck from exploding room in Boom!

Falcon scar on back from Bertie falling on her in Brutor Is...

Autopsy scar down her chest from having her organs taken out in Rock Bottom

Lost a molar from the battle with the Lads and Blokes. Described in Disappearing Acts.

Finger grows back when she is un-undeadified in Resolutions

Round spot in hair that grows manky and white, like over-bleached hair, from being hit by the invisible opponent in Pop. Described in Magic Naps.

Cold hand and blue lighting scars from her ice dagger exploding in Don't Let Go.

A limp, as of Roman Rogues part 1.


Hamid Saleh Haroun al-Tahan[]

Sasha considered Hamid a friend, although one she never fully understood due his preference for trying to resolve things through talking rather than stabbing.

Zolf Smith[]

Bertrand MacGuffingham[]

Bertie was a colleague, perhaps an acquaintance at best. She didn't like him as a person, especially after he fell on her, resulting in a permanent, falcon shaped scar on her back, but she appreciated his usefulness in battle.


Grizzop drik acht Amsterdam[]

Sasha cares deeply for Grizzop. They sometimes disagree on moral principles, due to Grizzop's stringent views on justice and Sasha's shady past, but they share a practical worldview. They seem to have a similar sense of humour, whether teasing Hamid for his presumed relationship with Gideon in episode 72 or Wilde for a lack of foresight in episode 109, or playing "I spy" while walking across Newton's office in episode 82.

Grizzop and Sasha first meet in episode 66 when he runs out of his meeting in the Temple of Artemis in Prague and almost hits Sasha. However, Sasha quickly accept s Grizzop onto the team. When discussing how to stop Kafka in episode 75, Sasha and Grizzop both agree that they should try to stop the opera, and end up splitting up from the party to fight zombies in the opera's basement.

Sasha is angry on Grizzop's behalf when the Cult of Mars call him a monster in episode 80. While looking through the vault in Newton's office in episode 83, Grizzop opens up to Sasha about his frustration with his short life expectancy, and she reveals that she also never expected to live very long.

When Sasha learns that she's undead in Cairo, Grizzop works tirelessly to cure her. Although he is a little short with her on the subject of lifespans in episode 88, he apologizes in the next episode and says that they'll "do our best," which Sasha can hardly believe, as she's used to being treated as a tool.

After Sasha runs away following the squizzard fight at Aziza's wake, Grizzop and Azu search for her, and when they find her in episode 92, a (somewhat drunk) Grizzop gives her a big hug, hanging off her chest. Although Sasha says that she's not worth being friends with, Grizzop insists that he cares about her.

Grizzop advises Apophis to allow Eren Fairhands to use the Heart of Aphrodite on Sasha in episode 95. When Wilde suggests that the plan to save Sasha might not work out in episode 98, Grizzop punches Wilde in the genitals and tells her that everything will be fine, to which Sasha responds somewhat nervously, worried that she might someday anger Grizzop enough for him to do that to her.

Sasha and Grizzop end up alone guarding Crank's factory in episode from episode 107 to 109. Grizzop initially makes things awkward by suggesting that Sasha join the Cult of Artemis (although Grizzop is more embarrassed than Sasha offended), but Grizzop apologizes and Sasha suggests they play cards to pass the time, betting for Grizzop’s arrows and Sasha’s knives. Sasha cheats and is confused that Grizzop doesn't do the same, but Grizzop is just happy to spend time with his friend.

When investigating the tunnels under Crank's factory in episode 112, Grizzop gets upset at Sasha for caring about her adamantine dagger more than her own life, telling her that she's "more important than that thing" and angry crying with stress. Sasha is annoyed at Grizzop telling her what to do, and later is frustrated by his willingness to kill everyone involved with the factory, as she's also worked jobs for evil people, against her consent.

Grizzop is quick to defend Sasha from Eldarion in episode 123, refusing to tell her anything about Sasha because he knows Sasha wouldn't want that. In episode 124, upon learning that Eldarion may have worked with Barret and hurt Sasha, he suggests killing her. Sasha seems genuinely touched by this, as well as Grizzop roughing up Barret.

Sasha and Grizzop both lose grip of the others during the last Planar Shift in episode 125, and end up together in Ancient Rome. Caught in the midst of a bloody battle, Grizzop protects Sasha to the last, using his Paladin's Sacrifice ability to take a hit that would have killed Sasha, eventually leading to his own death in part 4 of the Ancient Rome sidequest. Sasha survives, screaming for Grizzop, hugging him, and using his last healing potions to heal enough to escape an apocalyptic Rome. When Cicero suggests Grizzop was at fault for the catastrophe, Sasha threatens to kill him on the spot.

Bi Ming Gusset[]

Barret Racket[]


Sasha has a poor view of Rakefine: she says he's "just a Racket [...] that put his money in a different place." Rakefine was her benefactor for several years; she lived with him in Upper London, much to her frustration.


Eldarion was Sasha's tutor for two years while Sasha lived with Rakefine; they did not get along. Although Sasha believed that Eldarion was working with Barret, Eldarion cared about her well-being, searching for Sasha after apparently went "missing." Eldarion sacrificed herself so that Sasha and her friend could live.



Sasha Racket was raised alongside other street urchins in Other London under the care of her uncle and head of the Racket Family, Barret Racket. Sasha's father "was some kind of gang lord," although she doesn't appear to have known him.

Showing early aptitude for thievery, Sasha worked mostly as a thief and assassin for Barret, and was arrested at several points (although often due to incompetence on others’ parts). Her closest friend and companion was her Brock, her cousin and fellow street urchin. Around a decade before the start of the campaign, Brock was sent away, and Sasha was forced to wear a ring that would allow Barret to know her location at any given time. 

Sasha was briefly tutored by Eldarion, although she didn’t take to the lessons very well, since they mostly concerned lady-like customs in Upper London society. She considered the school a prison, referring to it as such, and resented Eldarion for her treatment. Eventually, Sasha deliberately severed the finger still wearing the ring and met Bi Ming Gusset, a fence and antiques appraiser, who took her in under protection and employment.


Sasha first meets Bertie, Zolf, and Hamid as she is running away from some of Barret's men. Zolf offers her employment in his mercenary group after seeing her performance in combat.

Sasha reluctantly brings them to Other London when investigating the attack on Edison's and they are swiftly ambushed by Ashen, who takes them prisoner and brings them to Barret.

Season 1[]

When she meets Mr. Ceiling, Sasha finally learns the fate of Brock. He was incorporated into Mr. Ceiling about a decade prior and has been missing her ever since. She figures this out quickly as Brock is "the only person she knows who would miss her". Within Mr. Ceiling, Brock spends an outrageous amount of money holding the Presidential Suite at La Triomphe, the nicest hotel in Paris. Brock has held onto a large amount of his personality and memories, despite Mr. Ceiling's  confusion. Sasha then has a chance to reminisce with Brock via Mr. Ceiling and find closure. She prioritizes remembering her interactions with Mr. Ceiling because of this. 

Season 2[]

After a botched resurrection by Mr. Ceiling, Sasha begins to show signs of being undead. She first notices her degenerating condition on Amelia Earheart’s skyship, waking up covered in blood from old scars re-opening. At first she believes it to be scurvy, but is told when confiding in Zolf that it is likely to be a magical affliction. It is not until the zombie encounter in Prague that she discovers she is undead.

Season 3[]

Her condition gradually worsens to the point where she looks visibly undead, is actively damaged by positive energy, and healed only by negative energy. After meeting with Eren Fairhands, who estimates her life expectancy to be around a month, it is concluded that Sasha's only chance is to be healed with the Heart of Aphrodite. 

Being granted audience with Apophis, they are given permission to retrieve the artefact from the meritocratic vaults, Oscar Wilde vouching for Sasha as indispensible to their mission. With it, she is successfully restored to full health by Eren Fairhands after a scuffle transporting the artefact to the temple, and a small side-trip to the top of a mountain courtesy of Harkness, Harkness, Darkness and Sphinx.

In Damascus, they investigate a Simulacrum production plant but receive word that someone close to them has been kidnapped when they are working to destroy the plant. The party, sans Grizzop, travels to Rome and finds a strange portal wherein their kidnapped friends and family are being kept. Eldarion, Sasha's old tutor, brings Grizzop to Rome and Sasha reluctantly accepts her help in navigating the portal and the plane beyond it. They enter the strange plane and successfully rescue Bi Ming Gusset and the other hostages, but the party has too many people for Eldarion to get them all out. Eldarion sacrifices herself to allow everyone else to escape. During the planar shift out of the strange plane, Sasha and Grizzop both lose their grip and fall through time, landing in ancient Rome.

Season 4[]

add Ancient Rome

Additional Information[]



  • Dirty Fighter: Deals 1 additional point of damage to flanked foes.
  • Crowd Dodger: +2 on Acrobatics checks to move through another creature’s space and to avoid attacks of opportunity for leaving a threatened square.
  • Skilled: Grants 1 additional skill point at level 1 and on subsequent levels.

Class Features[]

  • Sneak Attack: Sasha deals an additional 4d6 damage when flanking or any time the target would lose their dex bonus to AC.
  • Trapfinding: Sasha adds +4 to Perception checks made to locate traps and to Disable Device checks. She can also disarm magic traps.
  • Evasion: When making a reflex saving throw for half damage, Sasha instead takes no damage on a successful save.
  • Trap Sense: Sasha has +2 on Reflex saves made to avoid traps and +2 to AC against attacks made by traps.
  • Rogue Talent - Bomber: Sasha can make 3 bombs per day which act as alchemist's bombs and deal damage equal to her sneak attack.
  • Uncanny Dodge: Sasha cannot be caught flat-footed.
  • Improved Uncanny Dodge: Sasha cannot be flanked.
  • Rogue Talent - Combat Trick: Sasha gains Improved Two-Weapon Fighting as a bonus combat feat.


  • Two Weapon Fighting: Lessens the penalty for wielding two weapons by 2 for the primary hand and by 6 for the off hand.
  • Weapon Finesse: While wielding light weapons Sasha can use her dex bonus instead of her strength bonus on attack rolls.
  • Weapon Focus (Dagger): +1 on all attacks using daggers.
  • Lethal Acrobatics: When Sasha successfully uses acrobatics to move through an opponent’s square without provoking an attack of opportunity, that opponent is considered flat-footed to her next attack until the end of her turn.
  • Improved Initiative: +4 to initiative.
  • Improved Two-Weapon Fighting: Sasha can make an additional attack with her off hand at a –5 penalty.


  • Acrobatics
  • Appraise
  • Bluff
  • Climb
  • Disable Device
  • Disguise
  • Escape Artist
  • Knowledge: Local
  • Perception
  • Sense Motive
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Stealth
  • Survival
  • Swim
  • Use Magic Device
  • Linguistics: English, Sign language, French (Vernacular), Lip Reading, Latin (at level 8)


  • Disguise kit: A kit containing tools like makeup and fake facial hair. Gives +2 on disguise checks.
  • Masterwork Thieves’ Tools: A kit containing lockpicks and other similar tools. Gives +2 on disable device checks.
  • Spring Loaded Wrist Sheaths: Allow Sasha to draw her daggers as a swift action.
  • Playing Cards

Magic Items[]

  • Bag of Holding: A cloth sack that is bigger on the inside. A gift from Bi Ming Gusset in episode 18.
  • Magical Studded Leather Jacket. Purchased in episode 18.
  • Ring of protection +1: Gives +1 AC. Purchased in episode 72.
  • Cloak of Elvenkind: Helps Sasha blend in with any terrain and gives +5 to stealth. Frequently given to other less stealthy party members. Taken from Newton's vault and described in episode 86.
  • Belt of dexterity +2: Purchased in episode 96.


Weapon # Damage Additional info
Dagger 13 1d4-1 (piercing/slashing)
Flaming Dagger +1 1 1d4 (piercing/slashing) + 1d6 (fire) +1 on attack and damage rolls. Looted from Newton's study in episode 83.
Frost Dagger +1 1 1d4 (piercing/slashing) + 1d6 (frost) +1 on attack and damage rolls. Looted from Newton's study episode 83 and lost in episode 125.
Adamantine Dagger 1 1d4-1 (piercing/slashing) Incredibly hard and able to cut through lesser metals with ease.

Ability Scores[]

Stat Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Hit Points 10 50
Strength 8
Dexterity 17 18 20
Constitution 12
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8
Fortitude Save 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3
Reflex Save 5 6 6 8 8 10 10 11
Will Save 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4
Initiative 3 4 5 9
Base Attack Bonus 0 +1 +2 +3 +3 +4 +5 +6/+1


"Like, I, I told them not to come, they’re just stupid, okay, they’re not, they’re not problems for you. They’re not involved in any of your territory stuff. You know what? Just, just take the cash, and we will leave, and there will be, people will look for these guys, right? People care about them."
Episode 11[src]
"You know me, Barret, I’m, I’m useless."
Episode 11[src]
"Mate, like, I know what it's like, alright, I've been there, I've been- I've been in places where I get in situations that, that I didn't choose, right? Sometimes the guys that have power, they've got you from the start, and you don't know what's goin' on, you don't need to end this jumpin' off a roof for someone else's battle, mate. I know. Just come down."
Episode 15[src]
"I am distressed right now."
Episode 19[src]
"Maybe [Brutor] just forgot to breathe, I mean he was that thick"
Episode 22[src]
"Sasha gets hammered on free wine."
Lydia, episode 25[src]
"It's like the Thames, but big- bigger. Wow."
Episode 25[src]
"She's just really excited by the idea of the sea."
Lydia, episode 25[src]
"We’re all the product of countless deaths, Zolf. We’re all just the product of the people that managed to survive by slashing up as many other people as they could. Like, I mean, apparently one of my parents was some kind of gang lord. I don’t know how many people he slashed up. Doesn’t mean that I’m evil, probably. I mean, I don’t know. Maybe it does."
Episode 50[src]
"Yep, well ... y'know it's, it's one of those things innit, you think that you're alone for all those years and it turns out that you had the best friend there was in the world. So ... it's a shame ... it's a, it's a shame, but I guess most people don't even get that so ... uh, I'm lucky really, as it all turns out."
Episode 52[src]
"I don't really believe in good news."
Episode 62[src]
"Zolf, one of the things I’ve liked about this team is that no one is forced to be in it against their will using magical devices, or magical rings, the threat of beatings and dungeons, or any…that actually makes it my best job so far, from that perspective. And I think that being an employee benefit, should really, even if you are the boss, should extend to you. If you’re choosing to go, then…you should have the choice. That should be allowed."
Episode 65[src]
"They've got a disease called posh."
Episode 76[src]
"I just like, you know, when you’re around on this planet, you gotta, gotta work hard, and then…you know, it’s tough. I hadn’t really planned much. I never got much chance to plan."
Episode 83[src]
"Oh my word, but Sasha’s needs are deep and complex. Does it provide a stable family? Sight of the open sky before she’s fifteen?"
Lydia, episode 89[src]
"See, you say that it’s dead, you say that, but the lines of what’s dead and what isn’t haven’t really been that clear for me for a while! And, yeah, it’s great, it’s great, it’s great. It’s dead. I should stop stabbing. It’s just twitching now. Like, I thought I’d escaped. I thought I’d escaped, I thought, I thought that I’d beaten him. I thought all I needed to do, I left the country! I left the country! I left everything! I got teleported here! We went to a pocket dimension! We went everywhere and yet, and yet, here we are! No, you know what, no, no, none of this has helped! None of this has helped! I, I, I joined this, I worked, they said, they said we’ll be traveling, they said we’ll be going far away! I thought this would take me away, but yet he’s still here, he’s still, he’s still here."
Episode 90[src]
"The bright side is that I have maybe a month to live! No matter how far I travel…he’s always there. He’s always there, and it’s always part of his plan. Everything that I’ve done! Everything I’ve done has probably been part of his plan. Right, all the fighting, all the winning, has actually been part of his plan. I, I’m just gonna stop. If I stop he can’t control me anymore. Okay, that’s, that’s, that’s, okay, that’s something I can, I can just, I can just stop. Just stop everything."
Episode 90[src]
"You should probably spend your time making friends with people that are gonna be around…"
Episode 92[src]
"I don’t really have anyone, aside from you guys, that I would, oh and Gragg, and I suppose a few of my cousins, and Bi Ming. But like, the thing is, if any of them did stuff that needed to get ‘em in prison, like…I mean…Gragg didn’t start out as a bouncer for nothing, you know, like, that’d be quite hard to cover up what he’s…well, you know, what he’s done. Maybe it’s something about families, it’s a bit of a mystery, I guess…"
Episode 94[src]
"A lot of people do good stuff in prison. Like, one of my cousins went to prison, he was in for like years, he came out, he’d learned to read, and like, yeah, he started a really good pie shop. He was handling all the catering inside, it was a good prison though, that is true, not all of them are like that. And like, I was kept imprisoned for quite a few years, that was quite hard to… but I learned quite a lot of skills. Lockpicking. Obviously not very good lockpicking at first, but they had a magical lock once I got good at lockpicking. That’s the problem when you’re trying to imprison a thief to use as a thief, right? That became quite complicated by the end."
Episode 94[src]
"I just gotta have more daggers. That’s the trick. I just need lots of them."
Episode 95[src]
"I…I forgive you Barret. You didn’t care. All this time, you didn’t. And I think that’s ‘cause no one cared about you. You know, it didn’t…you didn’t care about Brock. It wasn’t to punish me you took him away, you just…didn’t care. You didn’t think there was anything worth caring about. I think you should be locked up. I don’t think you’re as important as you thought you were. You should be locked up and not know what’s gonna happen next, and know that you are not important for what happens to the world, or to…to me, cause you’re not. You’re not important. Just a man on the floor. We’re gonna tie you up. Strap you to a camel, like luggage. And we’re gonna take you to a boring place. Probably Grizzop’s lot, they’re a bit more functional. And you’re gonna get locked up in a boring room. I mean, their architecture is so dull, it’s hard even to hide. And then you’ll stay there and you won’t know what’s happening next and it won’t… it won’t matter."
Episode 107[src]
"A lot of things might kill me, Azu. Including boredom."
Episode 124[src]
"No, like, so, I got... shipped to, a place, and then, they gave me a tutor, and it was like, why? 'Cause I already know all the important things, like how to stab."
Episode 124[src]
"You know what's useful in times like this? Friends."
Ancient Rome Sidequest[src]
"Alright, this is my, I think people are gonna call ‘em moral codes in the future, it’s a new thing I’ve come up with. Let me know if what you need keeping secure crosses any of these, and I’ll get my team on it."
Ancient Rome Sidequest[src]