Sasha is a human rogue from Other London.

Physical Appearance Edit

Sasha is an incredibly pale human with an increasing number of scars, including a burn to her face and a falcon-shaped scar on her back from other party member's poor choices. She was originally missing a finger from cutting off a ring from Barrett, which has since been fixed.

Changes in Appearance Edit

Burn scar on neck from exploding room in Boom!

Falcon scar on back from Bertie falling on her in Brutor Is...

Autopsy scar from having her organs taken out in Rock Bottom

Finger grows back when she is un-undeadified in Resolutions

Equipment Edit

Sasha collects daggers and has at least 15, including one ice, one fire, one adamantine. She has a magic studded jacket, spring-loaded wrist sheaths, and at least one bag of holding.


History Edit

Other London, Barret, Brock, Beaming Gusset, undeath

Additional Information Edit