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Sassraa is one of Hamid's kobold bodyguards.

Personality & appearance[]

Sassraa has a slightly manic edge, and enjoys alchemical and engineering experiments.

They use both they/them and she/her pronouns.

Changes in appearance[]

After returning from the dead, Sassraa's horns turned stark white.


Cel Sidebottom[]

Sassraa and Cel are friends and share a love for alchemy. They probably have a bit of a mentor/student dynamic, considering Cel's age and experience. Hamid thinks Sassraa looks up to Cel, but Cel disagrees as they are very impressed with Sassraa's skill. When Sassraa dies, Cel is the one who brings her back.

Amelia Earhart[]

Earhart has an unwarranted dislike for kobolds because of their similarity to dragons, but after she ends up in a kobold body and Sassraa ends up in Earhart's body, she ends up realizing the problem with that and has a discussion with Sassraa offscreen.


Season 4[]

[154 - 173]

Sassraa is one of the kobolds that attacked the inn in episode 154. They are initially deferent towards Hamid. She accompanies the party to Hiroshima in episode 158 and helps in repairing Earhart's airship in episode 161. She joins the crew of the airship The Vengeance on a trip to Svalbard in episode 162. During the trip, Sassraa starts to look up to Cel with adoration and hero-worship; they want to be Cel, and in episode 166 are willing to stand up for them. Wild magic places them in Amelia Earhart's body and James Barnes in their body in It's OK, But It's Complicated. Sassraa suffers the physical effects (without the psychological effects) of alcohol withdrawal while in Earhart's body, and Zolf relieves her of active duty in episode 170 while she recovers. They recovered their own body in episode 173.

[174 - 180]

In episode 174, they are flung from the crashing airship and die. Cel retrieves her spirit with a ritual in episode 177, helping Sassraa decide to leave her afterlife of puzzles unsolved; Cel promises to come back to the puzzle room with her another time. Sassraa doesn't wake immediately and misses the funeral of Meerk. When they wake in episode 179, they don't enjoy being too warm, have purest white horns, and have a bond with both Cel (their guide), and Carter and Wilde (possibly also Meerk). They also seem to be calmer than before. When the party goes to the Garden of Yerlik in episode 180, Sassraa is left behind on the bear with the rest of the Vengeance crew.


In episode 192, Wilde informs the party that through his connection to Carter and Sassraa, the Vengeance crew know the party is OK, and that they are planning to help in some way.


Like the other kobolds, Sassraa is an extremely competent engineer. They speak Draconic and broken English.

A digital drawing of Sassraa, a red kobold with red wings and white horns. She is standing in a white jacket and blue handkerchief. Her hands are down by her sides and her ears and flopped. There’s a neutral expression on their face and they’re looking straight ahead, off to the right. There’s a set of goggles resting on their forehead. The left lens is green while the right one is blue. The background is a light green.

Sassraa with white horns. Art by @bag-chips on tumblr. Used with permission.