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# Episode Title Summary Season Number
18 Gussets and Staves The Rangers speak to Gusset, Sasha's old contact, about the metal shard, who confirms it is newly created true adamantine from Damascus. They then head to the British Museum to find out more information about the origami swan. 1
19 Oops! The Rangers beat up some skeletons who came out of a vase. The curator of the British Museum asks them to deliver a letter to Paris. 2
20 I'm Byron! The Rangers encounter Figgis pretending to be Byron to get into his vault at the al-Tahan bank in London. Sasha chases him down. 3
21 Garden Party! The party head to Kew Gardens to find Menedeleev who might know more about the metallic seed. They find that he has gone missing, so they head under Kew Mansion, where they are attacked by a swarm of creatures. 4
22 Carry On Swarming The party battle the swarms of creatures. After Sasha beats them, she finds shambling undead men in another room. 5
23 Hedge Your Bets The search for Mendeleev continues under Kew Mansion. They find various hostile plants and undead, spore filled zombies guarding the way. 6
24 The Root of The Problem A huge plant-creature attacks the party as they try and save Mendeleev. After beating the creature, they return the scientist to the mansion above. He doesn't know anything about the seed, but suggests the dwarves of Svalbard might know. 7
25 A Wilde After-party Oscar Wilde meets with the party, and he and Bertie spend a romantic evening together. Afterwards, the party head to a very stormy Dover. 8
26 I Predict a Riot! A riot breaks out in Dover, which Bertie calms by shouting really loudly. 9
27 In The Navy! Zolf is arrested by naval police for going A.W.O.L. and the rest of the Rangers plan their legal defence. 10
28 Not-So-Hard Time Zolf goes to jail, as the rest of the party investigate how to get him off his charges. 11
29 The Scrimshaw Redemption Zolf is brought before the Nautical tribunal, where Hamid is able to clear his name, although he still needs to pay his commission. The party head to the Temple of Poseidon to meet the Navigator there. 12
30 In Too Deep Zolf is brought before the Navigator of the Temple of Poseidon and is told he needs to consider how he praises his god. Bertie bets that he can get to Calais on the train before Zolf, Sasha and Hamid get there by boat and they all head off to France. 13
31 Water Way to Go... Bertie bribes the train staff to run the train, which gets stuck, forcing Bertie to head into the tunnel on foot. Hamid, Sasha and Zolf sail across the sea, trying not to drown. 14
32 End of the Line... Hamid, Sasha and Zolf head across the ocean towards Calais whilst Bertie traverses the channel tunnel. 15
33 Bon Voyage! Now in France, Zolf, Sasha and Hamid hitch a lift with two drunken women. The one carrying Hamid arrives first. Bertie battles the bureaucracy of the French train system, and manages to get to the most expensive hotel in Calais, C'est, at the same time as Hamid. The halfling allows his university friend into the hotel first. 16
34 Le Gai Paris! The Rangers leave Calais and arrive in Paris, where they are led to La Triomphe, the most expensive hotel in Paris, which has been held for Sasha forever. 17
35 The Exposition Box The Rangers go into a magic-proof room, where Bertie tells them of his contract with Harkness, Harkness, Darkness & Sphinx. The party open the envelope from Brock which gives details of 7 people. 18
36 Contracts and Calculators Two gnomes from Harkness, Harkness, Darkness & Sphinx explain to Bertie that he has one mark against his contract for entering the magically protected room, and that the requirements on the contract have increased. The party head to l'Arc de Ordinateur, where Sasha sneaks off. In François Henri's office, her memory is modified. 19
37 Ups and Downs Following the Amélie Rose lead, the party get to the building that ran the paper La Gazette Grande. They find a man who flees. The Rangers attempt to chase him, but Sasha and Brutor end up falling between two buildings, losing the man. 20
38 Brutor Is... The party meets their match in the back alleys of Paris: old men and rooftops. Bertie jumps off the building after Sasha and Brutor causing both to be further harmed. Zolf finally catches up and heals Sasha and Brutor. Upon awakening, Brutor runs away from Bertie. 21
39 Sleuths, Smarms and Stations After Brutor's departure, Bertie is feeling hurt and separates from the party. The others catch up to him as the train pulls away, taking Bertie away from Paris as Hamid tries to get his attention. 22
B1 The Yeti's Claw After receiving a letter, Bertie abandons the party for an inn in Albertville, causes a bar fight, and makes a few acquaintances. 22.1
B2 Keystone's Key Stone Bertie, Tjelvar, and Eddie set out to find Hannibal's tomb. 22.2
B3 Onwards and Upwards! The party fights a snow leopard, twice, and run away from a big mysterious monster on their quest to find Hannibal's Tomb. 22.3
B4 Girls, Guardians & Giants Bertie, Tjelvar, and Eddie find Hannibal's tomb. Now if they can only get into the place... 22.4
B5 The Tomb of Hannibal Most of the Party have made it into Hannibal's tomb, but the trials aren't over yet and Bertie and Tjelvar must face the dangers within if they wish to find the promised historical artifacts. Meanwhile, Eddie is cold. 22.5
40 Wheels Within Wheels... Hamid, Zolf and Sasha find that Amélie Rose isn’t living in her flat. They head to her mother’s house, who gives the party Amélie's findings on the people on the list. All the leads point to the catacombs beneath Notre-Dame, so the party head there. 23
41 Chariots and Catacombs The party get to Notre Dame, but are not able to get into the catacombs below. They instead head off to the archaeological dig that Amélie Rose mentioned and head down into the catacombs from there, before being trapped in a cave-in. 24
42 Feet of Clay The party get trapped in a cave in. Although they are able to escape from the initial cave in, Hamid and Zolf are hurt, and unable to move easily. Sasha hunts further into the tunnel and hears an echoing underwater scream. 25
43 Hunted The party are stalked by a tentacled monstrosity as they try and escape the catacombs under Paris. Eventually they cross a bridge, before the creature finally attacks. 26
44 Rock Bottom Hamid is taken into the ravine by the monster, and Sasha falls into the water to follow him. Zolf wakes up in a tank of fluid, missing his other leg; Sasha's organs are mostly outside of her body. After Zolf heals her, Bertie arrives. 27
45 Mr. Ceiling The Rangers orientate themselves to their new surroundings. Heading out into a corridor, they meet Mr Ceiling: a being powered by negative energy who is in control of where they are. 28
46 Theseus' Ship The party meet Mr Ceiling: the part computer, brain generated machine that is running the economy of Europe. 29
47 Memories are Made of This The party continue to try and convince Mr Ceiling that what it is doing is wrong. Brutor's mind is modified and returned to Bertie. Hamid takes action to shut down the machine. 30
48 Ctrl Alt Destroy! Hamid turns off Mr Ceiling, who reacts by trying to kill the party with a huge creature made of destroyed machinery. 31
49 Bringing Down the House The party flees the collapsing building. Outside, a crowd cheers them. They return to their hotel where they explain their adventure to Oscar Wilde. 32
50 Everything's Fine The Rangers find that everything is perfect. Too perfect. Sasha surmises that they might be under some sort of mind control. They return to Mr. Ceiling's control room to find themselves frozen in place in the second before Hamid turns off the machine. They step into the room and Hamid turns it off. 33
51 Elementary my dear Bertie! The party investigate the depths of Mr. Ceiling's home, finding four coloured crystals containing elementals. They break the fire and water elementals from their crystals, then flee. As they run, the whole party collapses. 34
52 A Night to Remember The Rangers awake with their memories back. They find François Henri's secret workshop and burn all the notes and blueprints for Mr. Ceiling and the Simulacrum. The party head back to Paris proper. 35
53 You're Welcome? The Rangers return to Paris proper to find a city devoid of any working technology. They find their Meritocratic contact, Oscar Wilde, and explain about the events below Paris. 36