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# Episode Title Summary Season Number
18 Gussets and Staves The Rangers speak to Gusset, Sasha's old contact, about the metal shard, who confirms it is newly created true adamantine from Damascus. They then head to the British Museum to find out more information about the origami swan. 1
19 Oops! The Rangers beat up some skeletons who came out of a vase. The curator of the British Museum asks them to deliver a letter to Paris. 2
20 I'm Byron! The Rangers encounter Figgis pretending to be Byron to get into his vault at the Al Tahan bank in London. Sasha chases him down. 3
21 Garden Party! The party head to Kew Gardens to find Menedelev who might know more about the metallic seed. They find that he has gone missing and they head under Kew Mansion, where they are attacked by a swarm of creatures. 4
22 Carry On Swarming The party battle the swarms of creatures. After Sasha beats them, she finds shambling undead men in another room. 5
23 Hedge Your Bets The search for Mendeleev continues under Kew Mansion. They find various hostile plants and undead, spore filled zombies guarding the way. 6
24 The Root of The Problem A huge plant-creature attacks the party as they try and save Mendeleev. After beating the creature, they return the scientist to the mansion above, he doesn't know anything about the seed, but suggests the dwarves of Svalbard might know. 7
25 A Wilde After-party Oscar Wilde meets with the party, and he and Bertie spend a romantic evening together. Afterwards, the party head to a very stormy Dover. 8
26 I Predict a Riot! A riot breaks out in Dover, which Bertie calms by shouting really loudly. 9
27 In The Navy! Zolf is arrested by naval police for going A.W.O.L. and the rest of the Rangers plan their legal defence. 10
28 Not-So-Hard Time 11
29 The Scrimshaw Redemption 12
30 In Too Deep 13
31 Water Way to Go... 14
32 End of the Line... 15
33 Bon Voyage! 16
34 Le Gai Paris! 17
35 The Exposition Box 18
36 Contracts and Calculators 19
37 Ups and Downs 20
38 Brutor Is... 21
39 Sleuths, Smarms and Stations 22
B1 The Yeti's Claw After receiving a letter, Bertie abandons the party for an inn in Albertville, causes a bar fight, and makes a few acquaintances. 22.1
B2 Keystone's Key Stone 22.2
B3 Onwards and Upwards! 39.3
B4 Girls, Guardians & Giants 22.4
B5 The Tomb of Hannibal 22.5
40 Wheels Within Wheels... 23
41 Chariots and Catacombs 24
42 Feet of Clay 25
43 Hunted 26
44 Rock Bottom 27
45 Mr. Ceiling 28
46 Theseus' Ship 29
47 Memories are Made of This 30
48 Ctrl Alt Destroy! 31
49 Bringing Down the House 32
50 Everything's Fine 33
51 Elementary my dear Bertie! 34
52 A Night to Remember 35
53 You're Welcome? 36
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