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# Episode Title Summary Season Number
54 Paris is Burning Hamid and Bertie foil a pickpocket. Zolf broods. Sasha incites a food riot, and encounters large crowds attempting to flee Eiffel's Folly. 1
55 In Seine in the Membrane The party continues to work out what to do in the wake of Mr. Ceiling. Sasha is a Hero, Zolf has a very important meeting, Hamid is inspirational, and Bertie...helps? 2
56 Trench Coat Capers The Rangers try to work out whether to take on La Gourmand or escape Paris with Oscar Wilde. Some people want to have a chat with Mr. Wilde and things get... tense. 3
57 Locksmith Lockdown Everything goes a little wrong for the Rangers. 4
58 Tanks But No Tanks The party jumps from the frying pan and into the fire. Hamid gets trigger happy, Sasha carries a spare, Zolf stands in line, and Bertie meets his mummy. 5
59 Run Awaaaaaay! The sodden party attempt to escape La Gourmand's forces. Bertie gets stealthy, Hamid helps, Sasha sleeps, and Zolf dithers. 6
60 To the Aeroport! The party continue to try and find a way out of Paris. The gang fools around on a roof and then in an aeroport. 7
61 Skyships and Harlequins The party takes to the skies and finally make their way out of Paris! Tensions rise, Bertie learns to fly, and an important conversation is had. 8
62 (Sky) Ship in a Bottle The Rangers make their way to Prague aboard a skyship. The team takes a very well earned rest, and Bertie meets an old friend. 9
63 Harrison Cambell! The party's journey to Prague aboard Amelia Earhart's ship continues. Bertie finally tracks down Cambell, Zolf meets his hero, Sasha gets athletic, and Hamid gets critical. 10
64 Swords, Severance, and Sass Bickering within the party threatens to turn terminal. Bertie and Zolf have an argument, and a certain amount of intervention is needed to defuse the situation. 11
65 Parting in Prague The party lands in Prague. Ways are parted and a new era dawns. 12
66 Loose Ends The party explores Prague and wraps up some unfinished business. Bertie goes shopping, Hamid does admin, and Sasha goes to a "doctor". 13
67 Ack Zombies! The party find out what that scream was all about. Bertie gets taken for dinner, Hamid fights like Hamid, Sasha gets explosive, and Grizzop gets interviewed. 14
68 Funky to Funk The party does a good old fashioned sewer crawl. Bertie realizes he invested well, Hamid fades out, Grizzop gets pious, and Sasha is attracted to Bertie? 15
69 Rag Week The party goes back to university. Bertie makes friends, Hamid meets a professor, and Sasha gets along with Grizzop. 16
70 Quoth the Raven The party continues to investigate the mysteries of Kafka's study. Everyone talks to a raven for ages. 17
71 Secrets and Smithies The party explores the University of Prague. Hamid avoids his path, Bertie has a stern word with his sword, and Grizzop and Sasha focus on the mission. 18
72 Drama! The party plan their descent back to the city of Prague in pursuit of Kafka. Hamid continues to engage with his backstory, Bertie continues to argue with his sword, and Grizzop and Sasha continue to focus on the mission. 19
73 Phantom Funtimes The LOLOMG takes on a challenge in the scariest part of Prague (according to Bertie). The party splits up to look for clues. 20
74 Upstairs Downstairs The party takes on the final problem in the now post-haunted house. Grizzop is absolutely fine and doesn't need any help, Bertie is still feeling a little under the weather, Hamid prestidigitates, and Sasha has got this. 21
75 The Show Must Go On! The party takes the zombie fight to the docks. Sasha and Grizzop try to shut everything down, Hamid tries to keep it going, and Bertie gets ...messy. 22
76 Hello Prague The LOLOMG attempt to stop Kafka's deadly necromantic ritual during a production of Don Giovanni at the Prague Opera House. Grizzop and Sasha navigate backstage politics, Hamid takes in the show, and Bertie takes on a Crinoline Elemental. 23
77 Hello Kafka! The party continues their confrontation of the deadly necromancer Franz Kafka. Grizzop and Sasha attempt to deal with an infestation in the basement as Bertie and Hamid have their moment in the limelight. 24
78 Stage Fright An ultimate evil is ended. Grizzop and Sasha leave the basement as Bertie is short of words and Hamid takes a breather. 25
79 Farewell Bertie The party picks up the pieces in Prague and say farewell to a... colleague. Grizzop goes on a Hamid hunt, Sasha deteriorates, and Bertie is gone. 26
80 What Now The party deals with a brand new situation up in Prague University. Hamid grieves, Grizzop and Sasha... help? And then they all get arrested. 27
81 Breakfast With Desert Oscar Wilde gives the LOLOMG their next assignment. The gang have to go and visit a professor out of office hours, which goes just as well in this fantasy land as it does in real life. 28
82 Hostile Work Environment The party continue their intrepid journey across the study floor. Sasha and Grizzop play I Spy, Hamid takes a tumble, and the group faces their tallest challenge yet. 29
83 Fatal Attraction The party explore Newton's pocket dimension. Sasha and Grizzop go looting and Hamid has a conversation which is absolutely fine. 30
84 Dishing the Dirt The party hand Liliana over to the authorities and work out what to do next. An old friend makes a surprise reappearance, the party dig up some new dirt, and everyone goes on a trip. 31
85 Proper Hospitality The LOLOMG deal with some unexpected weather and make a new friend. Hamid receives a message, Grizzop wants to be put down, and Sasha continues to be secretive. 32