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# Episode Title Summary Season Number
86 Clerical Errors The party shelter from sand swept Cairo. Hamid takes a call, Grizzop gives Azu a recap of the story so far, and Sasha goes to the head of the church of Aphrodite. 1
87 Homeward Bound The LOLOMG head to Hamid's family estate. Hamid tries on new robes with surprising revelations, the party gets to know Azu better, and Sasha's hands are definitely in her pockets. 2
88 Moonshine Misery Hamid talks with his brother and sister whilst everybody else gets into a deep discussion about death rites. Things get awkward. Then Azu introduces everyone to orcish moonshine. 3
89 We Hardly Knew Ye The party attends Hamid's sister's funeral. Hamid ensures everyone is dressed appropriately. Azu works out. Sasha and Grizzop spot a familiar figure. 4
90 Family Matters The party tries to get to the bottom of Barret's involvement. Sasha has a breakdown and flees to the strip. Grizzop and Azu chase after looking for her. Hamid has a heart to heart with Saleh Jr. 5
91 Can't We All Just Get Along? Sasha goes and hides in a bar and meets a drunk. Azu and Grizzop trawl the strip looking for her. Meanwhile, Hamid gives his father a warning shot. 6
92 Bringing Down the House Grizzop and Azu take on the Grumps of The Pharoh. Sasha has their back. Hamid continues to work on his father. 7
93 The Curse!!! The party reunites. Azu, Grizzop, and Sasha attempt to convince Howard that all the ills of the world are not, in fact, his fault. Then they introduce him to Hamid and Saleh Jr. leading them to make some interesting discoveries. 8
94 Justice The party continue to work through Hamid's family issues. They finally get the whole truth from Saleh Jr. and Howard Carter. There's some group tension when it comes to a discussion about justice, during which Sasha loses control of her motor functions. 9
95 Apophis Awaits The party finally find out the secrets of Hamid's past. Hamid spills his dark and dirty backstory including Gideon and death, and the party go to meet Apophis to plead for Sasha to get the Heart of Aphrodite. 10
96 Behind Closed Doors The party continue their quest to save Sasha. Leaving Apophis', most go shopping while Azu has a nap. Hamid gets a call. Grizzop writes a report. Sasha throws daggers. Then they go to the meritocratic vaults where Azu proves problematically honest. 11
97 Vaults, Villains and Virtue The party continue their quest for the Heart of Aphrodite. Sasha has her mettle tested by Howard Carter. Grizzop doesn't care about him. Meanwhile, Hamid looks after Azu, who has trouble communicating. 12
98 Hostile Accounting The party races to make Sasha un-undead. They head into the Simulacrum vault in search of clues. Sasha deals with some traps. Grizzop deals with Wilde. Then the party head of in a carriage with Officers of the Apophis Office, the Heart of Aphrodite safe in Azu's hands. 13
99 Lads and Blokes The party attempts to keep the Heart of Aphrodite safe as the officers of the Apophis office are attacked by lads and blokes. Sasha, Hamid, and Grizzop do nothing whilst Azu valiantly tries to save the day. 14
100 Disappearing Acts The party wake up surrounded by Lads and Blokes intent on taking the Heart of Aphrodite from Azu. Grizzop and Hamid re-join the fray, helped by team Aphro. The party then stagger back to the temple to prepare for Sasha's ritual. 15
101 Resolutions The party wait with bated breath for Eren Fairhands to work his magic. In the Temple of Aphrodite, it's heals for everyone! Even Sasha...eventually. The party then returns the heart to the vault before heading to the Tahan family home. Plans are made as the LOLOMG prepare for the next stage in their quest. 16
102 Look Busy! The Party arrive on a bustling factory floor, where they are mistaken for inspectors and given a tour. Our team pick up some shiny new leads, and Sasha struggles to not pick up the shiny, shiny daggers! 17
103 Everybody Out! Runaway carriage! Azu jumps out because...? Grizzop and Sasha join because...? Hamid takes the high road, goes on to the city and sits and eats some food. 18
104 Nice to Meat You The party scope out the compound as they plan the ultimate heist! Sasha is in her element, Grizzop is sneaky, Hamid is better when he's invisible, and Azu tries not to glow... 19
105 Surprise! The party head out to the warehouses, navigating the ultra-competent guards for a glimpse into the shadows, where they spy something new and something very familiar... 20
106 Special Delivery Sasha solves her canine problems through the medium of sneak, Hamid is bad-ass, and Grizzop has no time for unexpected visitors. 21
107 Questions and Answers The party questions Barret, and split up, one half taking him to the Temple of Artemis in Damascus, and the other half keeping watch on the factory. 22
108 Worker Woes Sasha and Grizzop continue to watch over the warehouses while Azu and Hamid talk to Wilde and encounter a riot brewing in Damascus. 23
109 Dance Off! Hamid starts a party with the demonstrators, Azu facilitates negotiations between the orcs and the goblins, and Grizzop and Sasha play cards and talk with Wilde.  24
110 Cracking Up The party investigates the steam emanating from the glassing of Crank's factory, and find a sinkhole and several pipes.  25
111 Waterworks Hamid and Grizzop are still in a pipe, Azu checks in on Wilde, and the fate of the party lies in Sasha's hands. 26
112 Water Conundrum L.O.L.O.M.G. pull together in an attempt to save Sasha from a watery death. Grizzop is upset, Hamid takes off and Azu feels very guilty. 27
113 Bug in the Machine The team have more tension filled corridors to traverse, Sasha continues her hunt for traps, Grizzop and Hamid have shared knowledge and Azu continues to feel guilty. 28
114 Snakes and Daggers L.O.L.O.M.G. are under attack from a mysterious figure, Hamid and Azu armour up and Sasha does what she does best. 29
115 Rome is Where the Heart Is Grizzop angry-cries some more, Azu attempts to keep calm and Sasha is disappointed in everyone. 30
116 Hounded We jump straight back into the fray as Sasha, Azu and Hamid work together to save Einstein, while Grizzop finishes the job in Damascus 31
117 Orcward The Rome crew recuperates and get an invisible visitor, while Grizzop makes plans with the orcs. 32
118 Pop Grizzop heads to Damascus with the orcs to report the location of the water theft, while Azu, Hamid, Sasha, and Einstein take on an unseen attacker in Rome. 33
119 Magic Naps The Rome crew figure out how to stay alive in Rome while Grizzop takes Wilde to a Temple of Artemis to take care of his sleep problem. 34
120 Unlikely Allies Grizzop gets information, Wilde wakes up, and the Rome crew get acquainted with their new travel companion on the way to their destination. 35
121 Contact Sasha break in to the compound while the rest wait for the signal. Grizzop figures out his next contact. 36
122 Gatekeeping The Harlequins send Grizzop on a scavenger hunt and the Rome crew take on a gated compound. 37
123 Plane and Simple Grizzop goes for a walk with a concerned party and Einstein acts odder than usual. 38
124 Catching Up The party finally reunites. Sasha has it out with an old acquaintance, with party support, and the crew plans their rescue attempt. 39
125 Don't Let Go After planar shifting to the hostages' general location, the party rushes to collect their loved ones. Traps are navigated, people are met, choices are made. 40
126 Interesting Times Einstein catches Azu, Hamid, and the loved ones up with what they missed. Ancient Rome gets some new residents. 41