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AR1 Ancient Rome Sidequest 1 Sasha and Grizzop try to get their bearings in Ancient Rome. 0.1
AR2 Ancient Rome Sidequest 2 Sasha and Grizzop follow Cicero around the streets of Ancient Rome, Sasha makes a friend and Grizzop won't stop shooting!  0.2
AR3 Ancient Rome Sidequest 3 Sasha and Grizzop join in a full on battle. Sasha continues to be exasperated and Grizzop has the captain in his sights. 0.3
AR4 Ancient Rome Sidequest 4 Still mid battle and things look pretty dire for our heroes. Will Grizzop finally fell his foe? Will Sasha be able to flip her way out of trouble? 0.4
127 Welcome Back Azu and Hamid are thrust back into a world that tried to leave them behind when Einstein ferries them to a safe zone. 1
128 Tadaima The party heads off to meet with Wilde to questionable success. 2
129 Brave New World Azu and Hamid settle into their confinement, a few answers are given. 3
130 Violent Reactions The crew heads to a remote village to question an apothecary about the maker of the simulacrum. 4
131 Building Friendships Proper introductions are made. Enemies are checked for. Travel plans are...set. 5
132 Sinking Feeling The crew gets their last details together and set off for the Shoin Institute. 6
133 Sneaks and Cuddles Stairs are climbed. Store rooms searched. A grapple check initiated. 7
134 Onions and Jelly More boxes are searched. More stairs taken. An ambush attempted. 8
135 Science! Covers are blown. The top in reached. Workspace is found. 9
136 Trouble at the Top Cel tries to bribe a kobold, then takes down the electricity while the rest head for the top of the lighthouse. 10
137 Lightning Round Zolf uses his profession in questionable ways. Hamid makes a permanent decision. 11
138 Lightning Boy and the Kobold Killers After destroying the power source, the crew faces the carnage and heads down the tower. 12
139 Blobs, Spikes, Spiders & Booms The party continues to fight kobolds and oozes inside the Shoin Institute. A flustered Hamid tries to figure out how to handle his new situation, Azu doesn't want to lose any more friends, Zolf has a lot of body positivity & Cel uses a unique potion. 13
140 How Puzzling The party continue their descend down the Shoin Institute, guided by Skraag the kobold, and begin to realize that Shoin has a thing for puzzle traps. Zolf is starting to lose his patience, Cel isn't okay with Hamid's assumptions, Azu loves a good smash, and Hamid is hungry. 14
141 All the Way Down The party take a long time to climb down the lift shaft and discover a reinforced glass tunnel that runs across the seabed to some old, underwater buildings. Zolf boops Cel, Hamid isn't quite small enough and Azu sees some octopuses. 15
142 Splashing Around The party continue into the underwater complex and find the corpses of a potential previous adventuring party. They search several flooded rooms and then head into a room with a conveyor belt. As they crawl into the conveyor belt tunnel, a trap triggers, separating Skraak and Hamid from the rest of the party. 16
143 Separation Anxiety The party is split up and Cel, Azu and Zolf wade through the gas room, swim through a flooded section, and walk through a tunnel before being interrupted by a whale. Meanwhile, Hamid and Skraak reach the end of the conveyor belt, and encounter aquarium and a chess room. 17
144 Ride the Wave Hamid and Skraak crawl into the maintenance tunnels, heading deeper into the complex. Meanwhile, Azu, Cel and Zolf run for their lives as the underwater glass tunnel cracks and water comes rushing in, and successfully make it to the room at the end of the tunnel. 18
145 Triggers, Traps and Tubes Azu, Cel, and Zolf continue to try not to drown while Hamid and Skraak get lost, do some bonding, and find the "big guy." 19
146 Organic Matter Hamid and Skraak explore the enormous room and find some interesting paperwork, although Shoin just really wants them to sit at a table. Azu, Cel and Zolf reunite with Hamid and Skraak, and they all proceed to fight some blobs. 20
147 The Dungeon Master Azu, Cel, Hamid, Zolf and Skraak fight Shoin's giant pipe-organ machine in Shoin's underwater base. 21
148 Jumble Sale! The party heal themselves after the fight with the giant pipe organ and explore the domed room. They see that the brain in the orb is infected with blue veins, and find blueprints showing the facility continues a long way down below them, and stumble upon Shoin's diary. 22
149 The Machinery of Evil The party read Shoin's diary and investigate the cavern underneath his lab, discovering walls of caged, drugged kobolds. 23
150 Bedrock Misery The party get some rest. They wake with some increasingly less drugged kobolds and face the reality of the Institute's human occupants. 24
151 Giblets! Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they mosey through some mooks! This week Zolf is a chill environment-neutral dude, Azu goes for a swim, Cel considers just how big they can get, and Hamid fingerguns! 25
152 Decompressing Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as the party finally sees the sun! This week Zolf hopes for minecraft, Azu gets some stretches in, Hamid gets to make a call, Cel thinks about their future. 26
153 The Chatter Box Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as they share stories while waiting out quarantine. This week Cel has creative ways to fight boredom, Zolf has more conventional ideas, Azu prefers to handle sticky human stuff, and Hamid tries to explain. 27
154 Red String and Hive Minds Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as they pull the plot threads together. This week Hamid has a lot of theories, Zolf has an identity crisis, Azu wants to work out, and Cel does Science! 28
155 Dinner with Dragons Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as they find some news from the outside. This week Zolf is hangry, Hamid is more than a bit awkward, Azu is amused, & Cel tries to make small talk. 29
156 In Memoriam Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as they talk about their feelings. This week Azu mediates, Zolf has hope (but it still hurts), Hamid tries not to be a tyrant, Cel just wants to talk to the borb and Wilde has news... 30
157 The Big Picture Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben in this week's episode of Brorb Chat! This week Cel wants to make tin foil hats fashionable, Zolf recognizes something in Shoin's crafts, Hamid asks questions of the heart, and Azu makes some medical observations. 31
RR1 Roman Rogues Sidequest 1 This week we meet a young Wilde, Grizz, Azus, and Amidus! Wilde wants a pretty dress, Grizz is the sensible one, Azus has a simple solution, and Amidus wants to expose the lie. 31.1
RR2 Roman Rogues Sidequest 2 This week Wilde is snug in a rug, Amidus has too many layers, Grizz shows off some dagger skills, & Azus is worried! 31.2
RR3 Roman Rogues Sidequest 3 Wilde gets a little stabby, Grizz grapples with a hug, Azus apparently has poor eyesight, Amidus notices something shiny! 31.3
158 On the Road Again Azu carefully lurks, Hamid tries to make everyone cozier, Zolf mopes and Hopes, and Cel changes and un-changes their plans. 32
159 Hiroshima Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as they actually get some R & R and explore the city! This week Zolf goes shopping for Wilde, Hamid heads to the bank, Azu finally gets to enjoy space her size, & Cel has eyes on a new project! 33
160 A Fixer Upper Azu makes a bunch of people cry, Hamid gets domestic, Cel has the best build team, & Zolf is not great at this... 34
161 TBA 35
162 TBA 36
163 TBA 37
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