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# Episode Title Summary Season Number
AR1 Ancient Rome Sidequest 1 Sasha and Grizzop try to get their bearings in Ancient Rome. 0.1
AR2 Ancient Rome Sidequest 2 0.2
AR3 Ancient Rome Sidequest 3 0.3
AR4 Ancient Rome Sidequest 4 0.4
127 Welcome Back Azu and Hamid are thrust back into a world that tried to leave them behind when Einstein ferries them to a safe zone. 1
128 Tadaima The party heads off to meet with Wilde to questionable success. 2
129 Brave New World Azu and Hamid settle into their confinement, a few answers are given. 3
130 Violent Reactions The crew heads to a remote village to question an apothecary about the maker of the simulacrum. 4
131 Building Friendships Proper introductions are made. Enemies are checked for. Travel plans are...set. 5
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