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Shmerr is of the Dissolium race, and was arrested because he heisted an entire ecosystem that was in the way.


Shmerr had his glands removed when he became space-faring, as his species, when put in a low-gravity environment, exudes a very pungent cloud of moisture. Shmerr carries a satchel of "core" paperwork that some may call "large" but that is only what he could smuggle in one of his seven orifices. Scmerr has a facial tattoo of a phoenix that he got in prison in exchange for balancing the books of the prison tattooists- despite the slight facial sagging, he is quite proud of it. He wears a space suit, as he spends the entire journey on the outer hull of the ship.


Shmerr, as is standard for his race, is very pro-administration. He has a very manner-of-fact way of speaking, and seems to have a positive attitude about most things (even being stuck on the outside of the ship). While he observes the rest of the team, he gives them all nicknames and views himself as one of their friends even though they do not interact.


Shmerr prides himself on being able to run a smooth and efficient operation. In fact, he made his former terrorist cell so efficient they didn't need him anymore.

Additional Info[]

In the game, the ship canonically doesn't like him, and thus he is forced to spend the entire adventure on the outside of the ship. He has no interactions with another member of the party, and exclusively speaks into a tape recorder.