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The Shoin Institute is located on an island off the west coast of Okinoshima. It is run by Yoshida Shoin. Originally, it was intended to be a building that would serve as providing a military presence on the island. It was eventually converted into a lighthouse, and then the Institute over a very long period of time. The lighthouse is quite old, and sits in the center of the ruins. Shoin was the impetus for it becoming the Institute as Cel knows it. There are four towers of the building; one of them is in complete disrepair, but three are fine.

The coast of the island is incredible rocky, with a tunnel that leads back toward the mainland and a dock on one side, hidden inside a cove (similar to a smuggler's cove). It is pitch black, with a sloping ceiling, and there is a pontoon tied there. Where the pontoon meets the cave walls are two metal poles and a ladder, which leads up into a tunnel going up into the main building.

The exit of the Institute, that the party takes, is through some more of the reinforced Kobold Tunnels. Through a pressure door in a room following the central command room, there is a secret door on the far side of the corridor. As the party is on the side of it that is secret, they can basically see through it. They turn off the trap to the secret door and head through. They enter into another corridor; to their left is a tunnel that is semi-worked stone with braziers all down it, with waterproof torches. To their right, it continues like this for about 50 feet, until there's an open pressure door and then a glass tunnel carrying on. The left clearly leads back in toward the base. Down the right tunnel, there is a lot more gilding. The bands are reinforced brass and tarnished, but much more elaborate and gaudy than the rest. It gets dark as they continue down the tunnel, as the braziers are not lit. It is a large, perfectly straight corridor, with even flooring. The glass tunnel is raised slightly above the seabed. They aren't able to see vistas in the distance, but as they continue to run along they see flashes of light and streaks of colour in the distance, above where the corridor should be. The corridor that they're in leads to another small dome underwater with portholes; it's much smaller, maybe about 50ft in diameter, and is more chunky and metal than a nice glass structure. The lights are flashing within the bathosphere, and there is an ambient light as well. The bathosphere appears to be like a waiting room; it is a fully circular room, with leather couches, some coffee tables, and a wider walkway around the outer rim of the sphere. There is a pitched battle happening inside, in RQG 151 - Giblets!, which leaves a number of bodies on the floor. The corridor after the bathosphere is similar to the rest; it tilts down a bit, with some more braziers on the wall, and then continues flat for another 20 minutes. Eventually it curves upwards, leading to another small miner station with lockers. There are also cart rails that lead to this spot; there is a wrecked mine cart off to the corner. They continue up, and it shifts to be more like a mine shaft than a corridor. It's not clear if they were ever mining there, or what for, and eventually can see daylight at the end. Once they come up from the shaft, they've come out into a heavily wooded area back on the main island.

Main building[]

The party enters into a stone corridor, with metal grating at the bottom. There are brackets for torches, but they are not lit. 30 feet down the corridor, there is an airlock-style door. The door is not trapped and is unlocked. Beyond the door is an empty corridor that is still unlit; about 30 feet away, there is a staircase next to a lift - its a standard freight elevator with a lattice grille cover. The lift is not at this floor. The stairwell clearly goes quite far both up and down. The floors themselves aren't normal heights/distances, since it's carved into a rock. The lift is a few floors up - on the same floor that the lift is, there is an average-sized storage room with crates along the wall and a large blast door along the wall. The crates hold a number of different items, including onions, bottles of wines/spirits, rocks, a horrible bottle, torch flares, and a strange, small syringe-spear. A few floors up (2 to 2.5) it shifts from unworked stone to masonry (similar to an old style castle keep). At this point, there is another room which is a carbon copy of the one below, with similar items in the crates as well.

Another 2.5 floors up, there is a loading bay, filled with a number of very dusty crates, and a cobwebbed metal grate that blocks the stairway with a padlock. There is a stain on the other side of the door, and has been there for so long that it's not possible to tell what it is. The party breaks the padlock, and goes up another 2 - 2.5 floors. There is another room, again similar to the two below, with a blast door. Through the blast door is a large corridor, with a Victorian aristocrat vibe, but looks completely derelict on the other side (old, gone to seed, etc.). There is some light coming through the keyhole; something is propped up against the door (later revealed to be a corpse), and about 10 feet from the door, the floor, ceiling, and walls are a bright rainbow fungus (it looks very similar to what they saw at Kew Gardens).

They head up another 2.5 floors; the ceilings are high, and they arrive in another loading bay. There are no crates on this floor, and light is beginning to come in more. The blast door is open on this floor, and leads to an empty corridor, similar to the one that they saw before. There are a number of open doors inside the corridor. Through one of the doors, there is a bathroom. Through the door opposite, there is a large room with big bay windows. There are a number of overturned tables and chairs in the room (intended to be that way, chairs on tables and such as though it's been cleaned), and it looks like its been converted into a canteen. Down the corridor, there's another closed door on the left and then across from it, another door into the large room.

Up another 2.5 floors, there is a another loading bay, with the door closed. There are not any crates again. Through the door, it seems to be a completely abandoned dormitory, with broken beds. They head up again another 2.5 floors, with a padlocked and locked door. This is the top of the lift shaft - it is not in good condition, and is a little bit rusted. The stairs continue for about another 2.5 floors. Through the door is a large attic space, with no windows. It has a pitched ceiling with tiles, and rain is coming in at the other end due to an issue with the roof. It is full of boxes and furniture covered in sheets, and is completely messy (similar to the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter). Some of the furniture is very fancy, but there is also some medical equipment (e.g., IV bag holders, gurneys, etc). There's a big, flat, magic item at the back with a transmutation signal coming from it - an elaborate portrait of Yoshida Shoin, around 30 years old, that moves around a little bit (from the transmutation).

Up the last flight of stairs, there is a final landing with a ladder that leads up to a flat trapdoor hatch out onto the roof of the building. Through the trapdoor, they realise that they are at one of the highest points of the complex, but in the center of the keep bit. The roof itself has a railed walkway. Below there are lights from people inside the keep (a few, not hundreds). Across from where they are standing is the lighthouse; the railed walkway connects to the lighthouse.

Below the lighthouse - the other side of the building[]

Similarly to the other side of the building, the party travels down a long flight of stairs with rooms on each floor. It is clearly in a better state and has been used more recently. Each blast door is closed, and it starts to get dark very quickly. Interspersed throughout the stairway are a few strange creatures that are just eyes watching them. The first floor below the lighthouse is a storage room, aligned with the top of the elevator. It is, again, a freight elevator, and it is stationed on the top floor. A few floors down is another freight landing, with a blast door that is ajar. It leads to a tiled room - very pristine, about 20x20 feet. In the middle is a tripod, with a lightbulb and old-timey speakers. The door at the other end of the room opens as well, but it is completely dark.

Continuing down the stairs, things are much the same. More metal grating marks where the constructed bit differs from the older bits. Again, similar to the other side, floors below this point are filled with storage boxes of mundane things like onions, other food, weapons, etc. One floor down from this is another wide open door, which leads into the space beyond. The staircase continues down even farther, but they continue through the open door instead. It leads to a corridor, which leads into a very large hallway at the end with some natural light coming in. There is carpeting with wooden floors, and there's a very large portrait of someone who looks to be a matronly figure. The hallway is in the same aesthetic as the other hallways, but is clearly better maintained. The corridor opens behind a grand stairway, with an alcove door at the other end of the room; the room is reminiscent of a grand hall and is absolutely massive. There is a large, ornate front door in the room, an enormous chandelier (and some smaller chandeliers), two large grand staircases, a corridor leading off to the left and right, and a table in the center of the room. There are two stained glass pictures near the front door of Shoin; one is of him handing out balms and tinctures to the masses and the second is of Shoin standing atop a lighthouse looking up to the stars. There is a large banner atop the grand staircases that reads "Welcome Intruders!" in Japanese. An arrow below the banner is pointing down.

Up the stairs are large double doors, through which is a fantastic dining room. It's laid out for at least 8 people, set up like a buffet style. Skraak breaks a window by throwing apples through it (RQG 140 - How Puzzling). There are double doors at the far end of the room; through them, there is a much more spartan room with carpeting. There are four chests laid out (2 on the left, 2 on the right - each chest has a set of opulent clothes inside, in sizes that are roughly similar to the party's). At the other end of the room is a very large, gilded doorway - it's clearly a late addition and is incredibly tacky (it's badly carved wood painted gold, and there are some cherubs on it). The curtains hanging in front of it are moth-eaten. Behind the curtains, there is a mahogany door with a golden handle.

Through the doorway is a very nice drawing room (about 20x20ft). There's a coffee table in the middle of the room, and some mechanism built into the middle of the table. There are books on the side, four leather armchairs, an unlit fireplace, and a very large portrait of Shoin smiling. The portrait is covering a large amount of machinery that seems to be similar to the broadcasting stuff up top. As the party breaks the entire room to pieces in RQG 140 - How Puzzling, they learn that it's a metal box full of complicated machinery. Half of the books on the wall are fake and have clues in them (it's literally just an escape room) and there is a secret hatch behind a chandelier, with a big red cross on it with a circle around it. The hatch leads up to a lift shaft - there is maybe one floor above, and then a lot of lift-related machinery. There is a ladder off to one side, leading down on the outside of the room.

Looking down the ladder is basically a chasm. It disappears into darkness, and there's no way to tell how far down it goes. When Zolf travels down to inspect it, he notices that the lift brakes have kicked in, so it will not be moving. There is no light coming up from the bottom. It is hard to tell how long it takes, but once the party makes it to the bottom, it's been about 4-5 hours. The bottom of the lift shaft is not completely dark; there is a bit of glow coming from the bottom, like light off of water rippling along it. The bottom is mostly lift mechanics and then a little stop for the ladder. There is also a rescue lift (a platform, basically). There are double doors which lead into the underwater base. There are two hatches on either side; one is a manual entrance to pump the door open, and the other is a kobold-sized hatch.

Vertical map of the Shoin Institute. Click for full-sized version or more detailed version. Map by @ki_re_ru on twitter. Used with permission.


The Shoin institute from the outside. Art by Ash. Used with permission.

The lighthouse is massive; it seems to have been built on top of the complex, so as to make it taller. It is made out of stone, but Cel can tell that there are some metal reinforcements inside, along with some magical reinforcement going on. It seems to have been abandoned for 3-5 years. The walkways converge when they meet the lighthouse, and then lead down to a heavy stone doorway with a steel door. There is a metal shutter on it that they cannot see through, similar to a hatch. It is also padlocked. There is a water-damaged note in the shutter that says "go away" in Japanese. Through this is the base room of the lighthouse. There is a circular staircase that leads up and down, and a room that it enters into above. There is a lot of electrical equipment in the corners (communication tech, power converters, etc.), and a lot of heavy power cables that run down the middle of the staircase. Some of the tech is older, and some is newer. Everything seems to be cutting edge, regardless. The room upstairs has a few kobolds in it, and seems to be similar to a lab. There is a lot of machinery around with blinking lights and buttons. Nothing is labeled.

The floor above has more equipment and is a living quarters for the scientists. There are some bunk beds, a table, a barrel of water, and some food (meat). It looks more like a barracks. The next floor up is all machinery, with no space for people - this continues for a while as they continue up (note: in RQG 138 - Lightning Boy and the Kobold Killers, there are more barriers as they return down the lighthouse - deliberate barriers). There is a locked grate at the top of the spiral staircase (the padlock is adamantine) and a trapdoor on the other side of the grate, which seems to be part of the original lighthouse. There are small slits on the windows that allow dim light into the lighthouse.

The trapdoor opens into the top of the lighthouse, which has a metal grating floor. It is a large, emptied out room; ladders lead up to a central metallic walkway that wraps around the lightbulb in the center of the room. The outside is completely glass, letting light in. Atop the bulb are four crystals with electricity filling them (Zolf smashes them in RQG 137 - Lightning Round). A door leads out of this room out into the elements; a ladder goes up above the glass of the room, leading to a lightning rod on top of the lighthouse. It is massive - the base is almost the width of the house. At the base, there is a maintenance panel. Inside is a thick cable (about the width of a hand).

Underwater laboratory[]

(Editor's note: the map is the best I can make it, but the layout of this underwater base is, frankly, completely baffling and I personally think Alex should provide a map.)

The underwater tunnels. Art by @stellarcoachman on tumblr. Used with permission.

The entrance to the underwater base comes from the lift shaft in the main building, and is an underwater aquatic tunnel that runs along the bottom of the ocean. The complex itself is built atop a geothermal vent, and extends very far down into the ground of the seabed. There is a mass of tunnels underneath this room, which seem to be formed naturally (Kobold Tunnels).

The door leading in is very rusty and mildew-y. Through the door is the tunnel; there is metal grating across the floor, and it seems as though a metal tube has been sunk into the ocean floor. The glass tunnel has metal girders around it, and is slightly lit by the sun through the ocean. There are more domed structures ahead (it is not just a single tunnel) spread around the sea floor and connected by tunnels. It seems to be a vaguely circular complex made up of smaller circles of different heights. The left hand side seems to be heavily overgrown, and the right side seems to be damaged. It is much less showy than the main building above, and only some of the lights are on. It's clearly in a state of disrepair; the complex seems to not have been getting a lot of maintenance recently. One of the domes has completely collapsed, and others have kelp and seaweed growing through them. Outside the tunnel are different fish and 15 octopus. In the distance, there are multiple wooden shipwrecks dotted around (Japanese ship style) and it's clear that most of the ships have been actively destroyed instead of just crashing.

Up ahead, the tunnel leads into the rest of the complex. There is a very moldy and tattered banner at the entrance, saying "Congratulations, puzzle whizzes!" in Japanese, and is badly written. There is another pressure door leading into the complex. To the side of it is a locker, with a fire axe, a wrench, and a closed wooden chest (which, when broken, releases confetti). Through the door is a small room that is the same length as the tunnel, with a corpse of someone who looks like they are a fighter. There are more blast doors to the left and right, and across the room is a lifted panel with a tube that a bolt came from. There is a leak in the room, and there is some water upon the floor. There is a locker next to each pressure door on the left and right as well. The locker on the left has a fire axe, another wrench, and a wooden box. There are a pair of speakers in the corners of the room, and also a service panel that is at kobold height to the left of the pressure door.

Through the pressure door is a walkway that surrounds a room about ten foot below. The room (referred to as "acid room") is completely submerged below the walkway; the far side is clearly decayed, and stuff has been growing over the glass so it's quite dark. There are a pair of dead kobolds on the other side of the room. There are two more doors on the far side of the room; one goes to the left into another room, and the other goes to the right, doubling back toward the center where the party came in except farther along. Through the door to the right is a pitch black corridor. It leads 20 foot forwards to another blast door, and then there's a staircase on the left that leads down, farther into the complex. There is a trip wire down the stairs, and a cross drawn in chalk on the right side of the stairwell. Down the stairs is a large, circular room with a tilted floor. It's pitched at a very steep angle, and is clearly another puzzle room. There are two other doors in the room that are partially obscured by the raised floor. The floor itself doesn't reach completely around the room; there is a small gap in front of them that drops 20 feet to a pile of spikes (and the body of someone who was probably a wizard/spellcaster). Back in the corridor up the stairs, the party attempts to continue through the door on the right; however, some water starts coming out and they realise its flooded. They write "water behind this door" in English, Japanese, and French beside the door.

Back in the acid room, they head through the door on the left hand side of the room. It is also flooded, but not completely; water begins to flow out into the acid room, and after 5 minutes of water rushing it stops. The stagnant water in the acid room has risen to be at the same level as the walkway. In the room beyond the door, it is completely flooded up to the door level. It seems to be a lab, and is completely trashed and overgrown with coral. There are speakers above them. There is another door on a similar level across the room (flooded to the top of the door), and one to the right (half-flooded) as well; there is no walkway, so they would have to be swam to.

Returning to the first room that they entered into: they proceed to the right instead. Through the door (referred to as "conveyer room", there is an inactive conveyer belt that leads deeper into the complex. There is another door opposite them. There are also a lot of boxes that are intact (crates around the outside) and a swept-up pile of broken glass in the corner. The boxes have a lot of supplies in there - potions, mostly - and there are also some speakers in the room as well. The conveyor belt itself is large enough for all of them to fit through, but there is an acid trap that goes off. A grate comes down over the conveyer belt after Hamid and Skraak pass through in RQG 142 - Splashing Around, separating them from the rest of the party. The grille is wide enough to fit a hand through, but that's it.

Hamid & Skraak's path[]

Hamid and Skraak continue down the conveyor belt. There is a massive amount of tripwires along the conveyer belt. The conveyer belt opens up to a square room that is 20x20ft, but continues on even further, with more trip wires and a grate at the end. The room itself has a large ceiling apparatus that would apply a cork and wax to bottles. There is a cot in the corner that seems to have been used recently, and a single steel door out of the room. The door opens into a room with another raised walkway. It's about 30x30ft, and shaped like a donut. The walkway circles around what looks like an aquarium, which has a lid on the top. The lid has a number of pipes leading out from it. The room itself is lit, but the light quality is poor and inconsistent. There are two additional doors, one going off to the left and one going off to the right. Also, there is no glass on the outside of the room; it is all metal. The tank has multiple large sea creatures inside; they are bright orange, with gaping maws, arms that have claws, and bright patterning. The apparatus at the top of the tank leads up into the complex but seems to be inactive. There is a grate across the bottom, keeping the creatures in place.

They try to go through the door on the right; it is clearly trapped again, and once Hamid opens the door, the aquarium begins to deconstruct itself. The lid on the tank pops, and then splits into four which releases back. The creature that had been separated is released back into the tank. There is an incredibly high-pitched noise, and the pressure in the room rises quickly as the water starts to bubble and overflow. They both go through the door on the right; there is a chess game that has been half-played. It is a 30x30ft room, with white and black alternating tiles, and someone is face down in the middle of the chessboard (seems to be a rogue). There is a speaker in this room as well. There is one other door leading out from it, a few portholes on the other side from the door, and some of the kobold maintenance panels on either side of each door (they are very similar to vents/jeffries tubes). Hamid and Skraak (in RQG 144 - Ride the Wave) continue into one of the maintenance panels.

There are various pipes and a metal grating on the bottom, along with some electrical cables. It is just big enough for Hamid to fit, and extends a long way in either direction - toward the entrance, and back past the room that just flooded. It is incredibly dirty. The pipes are a maze. Hamid approaches a T-junction and turns right. There is no way to track most of the maze: Hamid goes through about 30 junctions and then opens a hatch to a different room, which is Shoin's room (see below).

Zolf, Azu, & Cel's path[]

The door on the far side of the conveyer room is trapped; through the door is a large room full of mannequins in dance positions that begin to dance when the door is opened. A thick gas pours from the ceiling (it's very thick/heavy) that covers the mannequins; it is bright purple. In RQG 143 - Separation Anxiety, Zolf closes the vents on the sides of the room to stop the gas pouring in. Once all the gas has disappeared, they can see the mannequins are broken, and have knives that come out of their torso. For the rest of the room: there are three doors, one is directly across from the entrance with a big X on it, another one diagonally across from the entrance with an X on it, and a door at the end of the room that doubles back toward the center. There is a locker open next to the third door. There is also a body in the corner of the room - most likely a barbarian.

The party goes through the door that doubles back to the center. It opens up into a corridor, which turns off to the right and has some stairs leading down. There is a rippling light coming from down the stairs; the corridor is unintentionally flooded up to 10ft (the stairs go down about 20 feet). There is another speaker as well. The party continues down the flooded part; it lasts for about 60 feet. At the end of this corridor, they make it to another glass tunnel that stretches about 100 feet. Through the glass, Zolf can see a large creature moving off in the distance. There is a travelator on the floor of the glass tunnel that doesn't work. Throughout the tunnel is a mosiac; it starts out very neat and clean, but deteriorates as it goes on. Similarly, as they go father, more of the complex surrounding the tunnel seems to be deteriorated/broken down. There's a crack on the tunnel; at one point, a large carcass of a blue whale is dropped/thrown onto the tunnel (RQG 144 - Ride the Wave), which breaks and shatters, completely flooding the tunnel. There is a circular door at the end of the tunnel, which the party makes it through as the tunnel floods.

It opens into a pitch black room; the walls are covered in pipes and levers and pressure gages, etc. (mostly just a lot of engineering stuff) and a large yellow-and-black button. There is one other door in the room and speakers as well; along with this is an old weapons rack, a lot of broken bottles, trashed furniture, and messed-up books. Through this door is another empty corridor (20ft). Once the original door is shut, electric lights turn on all the way down the corridor, revealing a golden bulkhead at the end. There is an incredibly well-made trip wire that runs the entire width of the corridor about 3 ft above the ground. The golden door at the end leads into another glass corridor; it has a slightly battered carpet along the floor, and burnished brass railings along the sides; the tunnel curves out, away, and down, circling a large glass dome. A significant amount of infrastructure extends beneath the dome, extending into the seabed and continuing underground. There are bubbles coming up from the seabed around the dome. At the end of the corridor, there is another bulkhead, but this one is clear glass. Behind the bulkhead is a large wooden door, which has inlaid woodworking of Shoin depicted as a saint, with adoring masses looking up at him. This leads to another bulkhead door, which finally leads into Shoin's room.

Shoin's sanctum[]

The room itself is filled with a lurid green light; there is a walkway up near the rafters of the room, roughly 25ft up, with two ladders that run down to the floor below. There is a huge domed ceiling of glass - it is reminiscent of an old Victorian glass ceiling. The dome itself is about 100ft in diameter, and is a little bit worse for wear. Some weeds are growing over it. The far end of the room has an enormous pipe organ that fills up about a 3rd of the room. There are a large number of pipe entrances to this room - they poke into the room and have grating over the top. The room itself is broken into a few different sections: the pipe organ takes up the far side; one quadrant has a study; a bedroom is in the far quadrant; a sort-of kitchen is in the quadrant below Hamid; and there is a circular table in the center of the room. The light quality is bad. Neither of the doors on the inside of the room are gold.

Pipe Organ: Numerous pipes run out of the organ into, on either side, an enormous cylinder (20ft diameter) filled with a lurid green liquid that is bubbling. It looks like it is a pipe organ that was designed to make potions instead of music; the keyboard has alchemical symbols labeled on them, and the pipes are filled with different kinds of fluid and powder. In RQG 146 - Organic Matter, the pipe organ transforms - the liquid all drains into the pipe organ, and something climbs out of the pipe organ (almost like it was sitting in a dock), equal parts wood and fluid chambers and metal. A head clunks into place with large, glowing red eyes, and an entire glass orb with a brain inside.

Study: Has a mahogany desk, paperwork, a nice chair, gentle lighting, a chaise lounge, and filing cabinets. There is a lot of paperwork to do with the complex and the pipe organ.

Kitchen: The kitchen is ridiculously stocked, but all of the perishable food is spoiled.

Bedroom: The bedroom itself is a mess, but it's impossible to see how long it's been empty for since there is no dust. There is a book on the side table - one of the Harrison Cambell novels, in a Japanese printing.

Center table: There are four places set up at the table: one is built for a dwarf, one is built for a human, and one is built for a larger human/orc. The cleric is sitting in the fourth place, wearing a cheap white mask (later revealed to be a cleric of Hephaestus [editor's note: Alex introduces them as a cleric of Poseidon in RQG 146 - Organic Matter, but corrects it to be a cleric of Hephaestus in RQG 149 - The Machinery of Evil]; the cleric also explodes in 146). A number of cables run from the back of where the person is sitting to the pipe organ; one runs from the back of the person's neck into the chair itself. In RQG 148 - Jumble Sale!, the table opens; a platform slides into place, and the table sinks down to create a joint mix of stairs and a lift that lead down into the Kobold Tunnels. There is a metal grille over the lift.

Kobold Tunnels[]

As the lift travels downwards, lights come on with each level they pass. They go down an unmentioned number of levels, and eventually the light changes around them. The lift descends into a large space: a huge, natural cavern, at least 100 feet down from where they started. The tunnels themselves are incredibly expansive.

Cell room: It stretches out at least 100 feet as well, and starts to glow as well. Some lava is moving around, but is blocked by pipes. There are a few inspection hatches around, where there is a lot of red light coming out; it is very warm, and there is a lot of steam coming through. Metal walkways cross across the massive space, and they have hand railings at both a lower height and a normal height. The lift stops at a metal platform that is suspended in the middle of the cavern, with three walkways that lead away from it, going to different edges of the room (well beyond their vision). When looking out to the walls of the cavern, it looks like there are green stars - later revealed to be the eyes of kobolds, locked up in cages and kept drugged by Shoin. The further along they get along the cavern, the 'stars' become pairs as the cages get closer; they stretch up the walls to the left and to the right. They are all in prison cells, with metal bars across the front. Each has a kobold with glowing green eyes inside (the same green as the fluid from the pipe organ); the cages are only big enough for the kobolds to sit, and have some basic food/water mechanisms. They are stacked on top of each other. Around the cavern, there are a few kobolds simply wandering around, doing some basic maintenance, carrying things around, etc. The walkway goes up to a flat walkway across the top of some cells. They are stacked 3 high, with a ladder beside, and then another walkway after 3 cells up, and so on and so forth. In RQG 150 - Bedrock Misery, the kobolds let the rest of the imprisoned ones out of their cells.

They head on to a door, which leads into a corridor of worked stone (most likely, a natural tunnel that has been expanded). It is significantly less elaborate, and much more functional. They reach an intersection with four signs, in Japanese, that read "holding pens", "barracks", "administration", "processing". There is a decent walk between all of the different sections.

Administration: This section consists of numerous filing cabinets, and doesn't seem to have been used in a while. There are stock quotas and reports that are a year out of date.

Barracks: The barracks has another pressure door leading to it., and they are very military-style The interior is horrible; it smells bad, it is in very poor condition, and there is muck on the floor. It has been slept in recently, and it seems as though people have left recently in a hurry, although not in a panic. There are about 50 cots. Through the barracks there is another corridor with an intersection with signs, pointing toward the barracks, processing, and central control.

Processing: It is a larger cavern that is also empty, and seems to have been empty for a while. There is a lot of machinery with other alchemical things coming down from the ceiling. There are 8 mechanical kobold-size tables in the room. Most likely, this was the room that was used to put ports in the kobolds necks - it is a priming room for getting them ready for worse things.

Central Control: The approach to the door, about 20 feet or so, is lined in squared metal plates that give it a sense of order. Central command is a comparatively large room, and seems to be a natural cave with different engineering things around. The door opens onto the ground floor; there is a circular raised walkway in the center of the room that is being supported by girder struts, with a few people standing on them. It circles around to the different mechanical structures. There are three doors into the room: the one they entered through, and one of to the left and one to the right. The door to the left has a sign that reads "processing". The door to the right has a sign that reads "to the shore" in Japanese. The floor is uneven (retrofitted natural cave). In the center ceiling, there is a large apparatus coming down that leads to a large command board, where a few people sit. The command board is mostly a notification system, letting them know about stuff around the cavern; they can't actually do anything useful here. (Everyone in this room is killed in RQG 151 - Giblets!)

The party heads through the tunnel that leads back to the shore. The corridor begins with the worked metal and then turns back into the worked stone. It's a very windy corridor, and takes longer for them to get through it (about 10 minutes). Eventually, they come across a miner station before another pressure door. There are a few lockers on either side, in disarray. Some have axes and wrenches, and one has a number of water breathing potions, and the other has raincoats. Beside the door are a bunch of Japanese signs (similar to propaganda posters saying "don't talk about this"); one says "a secret tunnel is only a secret if you keep it here", and another says "you don't have to be mad to work here" with the bottom ripped off saying "yes you do." (This leads to the exit to the kobold tunnels and to the Institute as a whole.)