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Siggif is part of the crew of the Vengeance.

Personality & Appearance[]

Siggif is not a looker; he is a human, probably mid-50s, quite weather-beaten and dressed for cold weather with an odd assortment of clothes. He has a strong smell of sweat and tobacco, which he chews incessantly and spits overboard. He's extremely awkward and frequently gets rejected romantically.



Went to the Northern Wastes and experienced wild magic. He lost some of his crew during that voyage.

Season 4[]

[162 - 173]

Zolf hires Siggif as part of the crew on their trip to Svalbard. in episode 162. In episode 163, he, Friedrich and Kiko put together a small poker den in the hold. In episode 164, Siggif tries to ask out Azu, and she gently but firmly lets him down. In episode 165, Siggif tries to make amends by giving her a clock.

Wild magic places him in Hamid's body and Draal in his body in episode 168; Kiko occupies his body. In episode 171 during the ship's party, Siggif reveals himself to be a great dancer. He recovers his own body in episode 173.

[174 - 180]

In the ship crash in episode 174, Siggif remains on the ship and is unharmed. He helps to carry the bodies to the bear and the ritual hall in episodes 175 and 176, and stays outside during the ritual in episode 177. In episode 180, he remains on the bear with the Ursans along with the rest of the crew of the Vengeance, while the party goes to the Garden of Yerlik.


In episode 192, Wilde informs the party that through his connection to Carter and Sassraa, the Vengeance crew know the party is OK, and that they are planning to help in some way.


  • Very bad at poker.