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Skraak is a kobold whom the party meets while investigating the Shoin Institute.



When drugged, Skraak is enthusiastic and eager to help out. They're very fond of singing, and also have a good sense of humour, teasing Zolf's sour mood. They're traumatized by what Shoin did to them and the other kobolds, and bear him ill-will.

When sober, Skraak is serious and stern, and less lizard-like. He has a vengeful streak and can be vicious when he wants to. He is also very shrewd, often seeing to the heart of a situation or relationship dynamic and offering pertinent advice to the player characters. They have a tendency towards snark. Skraak seems to have a good understanding of engineering, repairing and dismantling complex machinery even while heavily drugged. Skraak is also a competent leader, with an implication of military-esque training. Skraak uses both they/them and he/him pronouns.


Skraak is a kobold, described as the reptilian equivalent of a goblin. Most fan depictions of kobolds are like small dragons. He first appears as small (able to wrap around Azu's neck), with faded reddish scales and a puncture wound in the back of the neck.

Changes in appearance[]

Skraak grows in stature when recovered from the drugging, and is 2'5 (74 cm). Their scales are a bright red.


Season 4[]

[138 - 145]

After a fight with the party in which Hamid uses his draconic claws, Skraak pledges allegiance to Hamid, becoming Hamid's "general." Skraak then aids the party in finding their way through the Shoin Institute, helping them avoid several traps and taking apart Shoin's machinery. They know their way around the upper part of the institute well, but don't recall ever going down to the underwater facilities. Skraak bears injection marks on their neck, indicating that they've been made compliant by means of a drug, like the kobold that the party encountered in episode 133. In episode 145, Hamid notices that Skraak is becoming increasingly coherent as the effects of the drugs wear off. They try to assist with the fight against Shoin's mech.

Traditional marker art of Skraak, a red kobold with a long tail. He wears a breastplate over a green tunic, and yellow pants. They are carrying a syringe spear and looking suspiciously off to one side. There is a green square in the background.

Skraak after the drugs have worn off. Art by @magnetarsss on twitter. Used with permission. If using this art as reference, please credit the artist.

[149 - 150]

When the party descends into Shoin's kobold battery farm in episode 149, Skraak appears to have a panic attack, repeating that this place is "bad," curling up in themself, and eventually becoming unable to speak. After sleeping in episode 150, Skraak seems to have fully sobered up. Following the party's interrogation of one of Shoin's men, Skraak brutally kills him, taking a lot of enjoyment out of their revenge. They tell the still-drugged kobolds to let out those who are in the cells, and to trash the Institute and kill everyone in it except for the LOLOMG. They say goodbye to the party. Hamid gives Skraak a knife he found when they were together, and promises to repay the debt he owes the kobolds for killing so many of them.

[154 - 162]

In episode 154, Skraak, on the instructions of elders within the kobold community, leads a band of kobold community members to the inn on Okinoshima in which the extended party is quarantining, under the pretense of being an honour guard for Hamid, the 'biggest dragon'. Skraak says he thinks kobolds might be immune to the blue veins, although this can't be verified. Skraak and the other kobold bodyguards choose to accompany the party to Hiroshima and then in the airship to Svalbard.

[168 - 173]

Wild magic during the airship journey placed them in Kiko's body in It's OK, But It's Complicated; Tadyka occupied their body. During this time, in Checking In, they talk with Hamid, informing him that the kobolds are not actually Hamid's minions or followers, and that they are actuallky there to monitor him as he could be either a powerful ally or a powerful threat. He also says that the kobold group is going on this journey partly to quickly get up to speed with what is going on with the rest of the world now that they are no longer mind-controlled. Skraak also indicates that Hamid, now ascertained not to be a threat, is a bad leader but would be welcome in kobold meals and conversations. Skraak recovered their own body in Mixed Blessings.

[174 - 179]

After the airship crash in Impact, Skraak is one of the four guides that converse with the four dead party members. Skraak is guiding Meerk in episodes 176 and 177, but in Frost and Fire it is clear that Meerk did not wish to return to life; Skraak is very upset and angry with himself. The next day at breakfast in Eat, Drink, and be Merry, after they have calmed down, Skraak goes to Zolf and apologises for their behaviour.

[180 - 189]

After meeting with the council of the Ursans in Visitation, Skraak is one of the party that has the opportunity to go with the druids to the Garden of Yerlik and has the same experiences in the garden as the rest of the party in The Garden of Yerlik. When the party reaches the blighted area of the garden and is attacked in Strength in Numbers, Skraak fights alongside the party, and also follows them through the flowerbud-portal in episode 187. In episode 189, Skraak, like the others, is bound by tentacles in the extraplanar void and is flung into an unknown plane.

[190 - 196]

In episode 190, Skraak is thrown through five elemental planes. In episode 192, Wilde informs the party that Skraak survived their trip through the planes, though seriously injured, and is out on patrol duty with Sumutnyerl in Other London. Skraak meets up with the party again in episode 194, giving Cel a hug. They despise Barret, and, like the rest of the party, want to see him dead. Skraak accompanies the party to the secondary location in London, and upon meeting Augusta Leigh in episode 195, declines to inform her of his trauma for her gratification. They accompany the party to Svalbard in episode 196 on their mission to fetch the killswitch from the vault.

Additional Information[]

At first, they speak primarily Draconic, but understand Japanese and have a limited amount of English. Later, Skraak's English improves further.

While drugged, they fight with their claws, and later acquire an injection spear from Hamid. While sober, they prove terrifyingly competent with a knife. They are also remarkably agile, jumping from a high platform with ease. Skraak is a rogue, and is proficient at acrobatics, weapons (including a tail weapon), and climbing.



  • Gliding Wings: Allows Skraak to fall from any height without taking damage with a DC 15 fly check. An additional DC 15 Fly check allows them to glide, moving 5 feet laterally for every 20 feet fallen.
  • Darkvision: Grants black and white vision up to a range of 60 feet in darkness.

Class Features[]

  • Sneak Attack: Skraak deals an additional 4d6 damage when flanking or any time the target would lose their Dexterity bonus to AC. 
  • Trapfinding: Skraak adds +4 to Perception checks made to locate traps and to Disable Device checks. They can also disarm magic traps.
  • Evasion: When making a Reflex saving throw for half damage, Skraak instead takes no damage on a successful save.
  • Trap Sense: Skraak has +2 on Reflex saves made to avoid traps and +2 to AC against attacks made by traps.
  • Uncanny Dodge: Skraak cannot be caught flat-footed.
  • Improved Uncanny Dodge: Skraak cannot be flanked.
  • Rogue Talent - Combat Trick: Skraak gains Death From Above as a bonus combat feat.
  • Rogue Talent - Wall Scramble: When making a Climb check, Skraak rolls twice and takes the better result.


  • Tail Terror: Skraak can attack with his tail. This is a secondary natural attack that deals 1d4 points of bludgeoning damage.
  • Draconic Aspect: Skraak has 5 fire resistance.
  • Draconic Breath: +2 bonus against sleep and paralysis effects. Once per day, Skraak can breathe a 15-foot cone of fire that deals 2d6 points of damage. Enemies who are caught by it can attempt a Reflex save for half damage where the DC is 18+Skraak's constitution bonus.
  • Death From Above: Whenever Skraak charges from higher ground, or from above while flying, they gain +5 on attack rolls in place of the bonuses from charging and being on higher ground.


  • Acrobatics
  • Climb
  • Disable Device
  • Escape Artist
  • Fly
  • Knowledge: Dungeoneering, engineering 
  • Linguistics: Draconic, English, Japanese
  • Perception
  • Profession: Airship crew
  • Stealth



  • Syringe Spear
  • Tail
  • Stalking dagger +1

Magic Items[]

  • Belt of Physical Might: Gives +4 to Constitution and Dexterity. Acquired in episode 204.

Ability Scores[]

Stat Level 7 Level 8
Hit Points 44 50
Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save
Base Attack Bonus +5 +6/+1