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RQG Storyjam! Join Alex, James, Bryn, Lydia and special guest Ed Croft as they try out the Beta for the RPG app Storyjam! Join the group as they generate a post-apocalyptic adventure with mutants, mole people, sentient guns, and bounty chocolate bars! Then explore their personalized post-apocalyptic adventure with cannibals, poisoned lemonade, and unexploded nuclear bombs!
RQG Halloween 2015! Join Alex, James, Bryn and Lydia as they play a one off Halloween special episode of Dredd, as themselves! In this episode, Bryn stays asleep, James repurposes Ben’s liver and Lydia tells James to shut up.
RQG 2015 Goblin Quest Festive Special! Join Alex, James, Bryn, Ben, Lydia and special guest Grant Howitt as they play Goblin Quest! The wild tabletop RPG featuring excessive goblin death!
Deadlands Halloween Special 2016 Join Alex, James, Bryn, Ben and special guest Jonathan Sims from The Magnus Archives, as they play a Halloween special in the Deadlands Campaign setting of Savage Worlds. Meet our band of questionable desperados as they attempt a bank heist in a world populated by supernatural horror. Its a straighforward job and surely nothing could go wrong… right? Listen to our gang slowly fall apart as they desperately attempt to survive an attack by the most sinister version of Mr Ben ever.
RQG New Year Special 2517! Join Alex, James, Bryn, Ben, Lydia and special guest Alice Bell as they celebrate New Year 2517 in a Corporation one shot special!
RQG Trail of Cthulhu Join Alex, James, Bryn, Ben and Lydia with guest GM Sean Smith as he runs a one shot of Lovecraftian horror game Trail of Cthulhu. A band of childhood friends all find themselves invited to a brand new and very exciting showing of the play 'The King in Yellow'. This can of course, only end well... 
RQG 2017 - Fiasco Holiday Special Join Alex, Lydia, Anil, Bryn and Ben in the first part of our holiday special!

D&D 5e Special - Thanes of Beowulf Join Alex, Lydia, Bryn, Ben and special guest Helen Gould as they give Beowulf some well deserved backup. This episode meet Billinger the Gilded, Larg son of Thorg, Ungrak the Collector and... I think that's everyone actually as they help Beowulf on his quest to slay the monster, Grendel.
Jason Statham's Big Vacation Join Bryn, Ben, Helen, Alex and Mike LeBeau as they play Jason Statham's Big Vacation by Grant Howitt! In JSBV, you play a group of elite operatives with one mission: make sure that Jason Statham has a nice holiday. Join the gang as they visit a South African Owl Sanctuary and get tasered in some hot Springs.
Spire Special Join Lydia, Ben, Helen, Alex and special guest GM, Grant Howitt as they dive into Grant's newest RPG; Spire. The team play a cell of radical Dark Elves tasked with a top secret mission; bring down the wicked high elves through any means necessary. In the first of this four part special, we meet the characters, discover their unique talents and get a glimpse into the dark and dangerous world of Spire.
RQG Broken Worlds Special Join Lydia, Bryn, Helen and Alex as they play Abaddon's Broken Worlds, set in the world of webcomic Kill Six Billion Demons. In this four part special, we are introduced to the city of Throne, where we meet a group of miscreants who are tasked with stealing a precious item for the Gilded Demon, Aloblithoquim.
RQG Honey Heist Holiday Special Join Alex, Ben, Bryn and Helen as they romp through Grant Howitt’s Honey Heist! Honeycon 2018 is in danger,and it’s going to take a crack team of bears to save the day. In this first episode of two, the team are briefed for their mission, role to decide on characters and, more importantly, find out which hats they’ll be wearing as they save the day.
RQG Monster of the Week Special Join Ben, Helen, Alex and special guest Sasha Sienna in the penultimate episode of our Monster of the Week special! The group investigates some slaughtered cows, but may have bitten off more than they can chew.
RQG Not Far to Bermuda Special Join Helen and Lydia with special guests Sasha Sienna and Lowri Davies on Day 294 of their cruise to Bermuda! Antics abound as they (and their characters) clearly go a bit sea crazy.
RQG Space Pals Special Join Alex, Helen, Lydia, Ben, and special guest Tim Meredith on this exciting two-part space adventure with the cast of Stellar Firma! We meet Deraldio Pilchards, Mr. Squeakington [her/she], Shmerr, Commander Unal Manspray & Worshiper 2X7 as they navigate the perils of deep space.
RQG Apocalypse World Halloween Special Join Alex, Bryn, Lydia, Helen, and special guest Frank Voss as they navigate their tumultuous relationships in Apocalypse World! The group's characters: Torque, Grubb Tolltaker, Sundown, and Nai (aka "Grandma"), must survive in this post-apocalypse world, but what lurks outside of their walls?
RQG Sexy Battle Wizards Holiday Special Join Alex, Bryn, and Helen as they set out to save Christmas in this special play through of Grant Howitt's Sexy Battle Wizards! Join them as they save Christmas with the group's sexy characters: Lady Voluptuousness, Apocrypha Ponzie, and Kevin.
RQG 4Though Special Join GM Bryn with Alex, Helen, Ben and special guest Lowri Ann Davies in a D&D 5e adventure.
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