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Appearance and personality[]

Sundown is a small, slight person with psychic powers; their rather nice face belies their terrible powers. They wear arctic gear at all times, despite the climate.



  • Class: The brainer (psychic)
  • Gender: ambiguous
  • Body: Small and slight
  • Face: Sweet


Base history number: -1

  • Others' histories with Sundown:
    • Nai: Base = -1. Sundown once betrayed or stole something from her: +3
    • Grubb: -1
    • Torque: Base = -1. Torque's got more to do than get to know people: -2 Sundown's histories with others (i.e. how well they know them)
    • Nai: Base (0) = irrelevant. Nai doesn't like them for some reason:+3
    • Grubb: Base = irrelevant. Grubb has knowingly or unknowingly slept in their presence before: +3
    • Torque: Base = irrelevant. Sundown has been watching Torque in secret for some time:+3


  • Sharp: +2
  • Hard: -2
  • Hot: -1

Moves: Direct brain whisper


  • Lots and lots of arctic-wear
  • Giant, fluffy, pink Anti-Brainer earmuffs (Theoretically stop other brainers from telepathically eavesdropping, but they're just a placebo)

Additional Info[]