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Tadyka is one of Hamid's kobold bodyguards.


They use both they/them and she/her pronouns.


[154 - 173]

Tadyka is one of the kobolds that attack the inn in episode 154. They are initially deferent towards Hamid. She accompanies the party to Hiroshima in episode 158 and helps in repairing Earhart's airship in episode 161. They join the crew of the airship The Vengeance on a trip to Svalbard in episode 162. Wild magic places them in Skraak's body and Amelia Earhart in their body in episode 168. She recovers her own body in episode 173.

[174 - 180]

In episode 174, Tadyka remains on board the crashing ship and is unharmed. During the resurrection ritual in episode 177, they stay outside kneeling with Hamid and the other kobolds. She attends Meerk's funeral in episode 178, helping to light his pyre along with Hamid, Skraak, Draal, Natun, and Driaak. They reminisce about Meerk with Hamid and the other kobolds in episode 179. When the party goes to the Garden of Yerlik in episode 180, Tadyka is left behind on the bear with the rest of the Vengeance crew.


In episode 192, Wilde informs the party that through his connection to Carter and Sassraa, the Vengeance crew know the party is OK, and that they are planning to help in some way.


Like the other kobolds, Tadyka is an extremely competent engineer.

Other Notes[]

Tadyka's pronouns were confirmed by Bryn on the official discord.