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The Simulacrum is an extremely advanced robot designed by Nikola Tesla.


Described in episode 3 as a ten-foot-tall metal humanoid with a genderless figure. It is primarily made out of burnished adamantine with gold wires and white metal in the joints. Its eyes glow with a golden colour once it is activated. It is capable of speech and moves smoothly compared to existing clockwork automatons.

Edison claims that it is  able to perform any task forever, including constructing more of itself.


After the lighting rail disaster in London, Tesla fled to North America where he encountered a rare plant with interplanar properties. This plant inspired him to start working on The Simulacrum when he returned to Europe. As he was looking for funding, the Cult of Hades made contact and provided him with the necessary money, intending to use the Simulacrum as an anti-meritocratis army.

Tesla travelled to various places and collaborated with several people as part of his work.

In Paris he discussed the project with Francois Henri, who would use part of the Simulacrum technology to create Mr. Ceiling.

In Prague he visited Isaac Newton's demiplane and worked with Franz Kafka on developing a power source for the Simulacrum.

He travelled to The Northern Wastes and lived with the Ursans for a year. During this time he and Sumutnyerl became emotionally involved and she allowed him to visit the Garden of Yerlik, where he secretly stole a seed.

At some point he drafted plans for a Simulacrum kill switch and the party discovers these incomplete designs in his bank vault in Cairo.

He ultimately realised the danger that the Simulacrum would pose and terminated the project. The Cult of Hades decided to continue without him and brought on Edison to finish the project.

The Cult started mass production of Simulacrum chassis in Damascus, intending for them to eventually be completed with the missing pieces. They hired Yoshida Shoin to mass produce the missing fluidic systems but Shoin secretly only produced faulty systems for them.


Tesla fears what his work might be used for and arranges for the Simulacrum prototype to be destroyed by hiring The Serpentines, lead by Augusta Leigh. Thomas Edison unveils the Simulacrum prototype in his townhouse, claiming to be its sole inventor, and intends to sell it to the highest bidder, with the starting bid set to 700,000gp.

Just as the auction is about to close, the Serpentines, disguised as servants, trigger their bombs. Edison is killed in the explosion and they steal both Tesla's old notebook and the plans for The Simulacrum. The Simulacrum itself is dismembered and its pieces discarded in the London sewers. The Rangers are tasked with investigating the bombing and retrieve the right arm and the head from the sewers. They notify the authorities on where to find the remaining pieces.

Season 1[]

A short while after the party leaves London, the Simulacrum "blooms" and the blue vein infection begins to spread.