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Personality & appearance[]


Stealing designs, hyping up auctions



He appears to have been involved with Francois Henri, as Mr. Ceiling refers to him as a "friend." According to Wilde, Edison was interested in Kafka and Tesla's work; according to Liliana, Edison helped revive a project they were working on.

Season 1[]

Lord Thomas Edison claimed to be the inventor of The Simulacrum and attempted to sell it, before the arsonists attacked, killing him, the Simulacrum and his home.

Edison owned the notebook that the party discovered, though according to Haringay in episode 17, the handwriting isn't Edison's.


"Now, of course many of you will be aware that there are clockwork servants around. Primitive! Primitive. Horrible things. Clanky, clickety, yechh. Don’t like them. They can do the same job again and again, very boring. Who wants that? No one wants that. It’s terrible. It’s useless. But this... this is the next thing. Aren’t you? Say hello."
Episode 3[src]