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Appearance and Personality[]

Torque has an expressive face and squinty eyes (because they always work in the dark with no light). Their body is strange, and according to them, clothes are a vehicle with which they can transport the junkpile that is their life. They have the scars of their failed attempts to make flesh-pockets (eventually giving up and just using clothes)



  • Class: Savvy-head (essentially a fixer) (mechanically Weird)
  • Gender: Transgressing
  • Look: Scrounge and Tech
  • Face: Expressive
  • Eyes. Squinty
  • Body: Strange


Base history = -1

Others' histories with Torque:

  • Sundown has been watching Torque in secret for some time:+3
  • Nai: base = -1. Torque thinks Nai is the most strange: 0
  • Grubb: -1

Torque's histories with others:

  • Sundown: Base = -1. Torque's got more to do than get to know people: -2
  • Grubb: Base = 0. Torque's got more to do than get to know people: -1
  • Torque thinks Nai is the biggest potential problem: Take the number that player gives, and add 1 before writing down: 0


  • Hard: -1
  • Weird: +3
  • sharp: +1

Moves: Even More Weird, Open Brain

ThingSpeak: When they handle or examine something interesting, they can roll plus Weird. On a hit, they can ask the GM questions.

Additional Info[]

Torque has a space in the Holding's manufactuary, consisting of a garage, a workshop, a controlled growing environment, and relic of the Golden Age past: a fighter jet that they're convinced is some sort of drilling device- if they can just get it to work, they can drill more tunnels faster. [The Holding is an ex- aircraft carrier.]