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Vesseek is a goblin who was very close to Grizzop.

Physical appearance and personality[]

According to Alex and Ben in the season 3 Q&A, Vesseek has deep, mucky green skin. They are smaller and heavier-set than Grizzop (who is an unusually large goblin), and have hairy ears.

They have a brisk personality like many goblins.



As noted in the season 3 Q&A, Vesseek comes from a different clutch than Grizzop. Grizzop has a magical photograph of Vesseek and him at a cafe; presumably this occurred at some point prior to Grizzop meeting the LOLOMG.

Vesseek and Grizzop are adoptive parents to a clutch of goblins in Berlin. (RQG Metacast 9 - Relationships)

Season 3[]

Vesseek is kidnapped by the Cult of Hades, who threaten to kill them if the LOLOMG fail to cooperate. As seen in the mirror under the factory in Damascus, they are slightly the worse for wear during their captivity compared to Ishaq, Emeka, and Bi Ming. The party manages to rescue them on the Hades plane, but as they planar shift back, Grizzop accidentally lets go and does not make it back. Vesseek is understandably shocked by this. Just like the rest of the hostages, Vesseek also receives a survivor's pack from Einstein, which among other things contains a sending stone.

Season 4[]

When Vesseek returns to Cairo with the other hostages in episode 127: Welcome Back, they are placed under a week long quarantine due to everyone's fears over the blue veins infection. Vesseek seems to have particularly bonded with Ishaq.

According to Ishaq in episode 152, Vesseek and Emeka went off together after the quarantine, and were talking about helping out in Cairo.


Vesseek was originally written with he/him pronouns, but in-play, Ben and Alex ended up using they/them pronouns for Vesseek.