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Zeke is from the south, with a heavy accent and a deep voice. He went to jail for, essentially, answering someone's questions in a way they didn't like, and he is mostly the leader of the group, excluding Blackjack Bronson and ignoring the fact that Carl Sidebottom is older than him


He's strong and large. According to Jonny, "like if a barn could say: 'eyup'."


He is a man of few words. It's clear that he's the best suited to run the heist, due both to how knowledgeable he is about committing robberies and how intimidating he is. He has a very short fuse. Fletcher is, probably, his least favorite person in the world, and Zeke threatens him multiple times through the heist. Sadly, he's not very genre savvy or intelligent when it comes to self-preservation, and leads the group back toward the strange zombies, thus trapping them between the sheriff's posse and the creatures.


He's good at fighting and at ordering people around.

Additional Info[]

He has a horse named Bob. Also, he can't read, but doesn't want the rest of the party to know that about him.